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Solution to Restore Individual Mailbox in Exchange 2010 Backup

Christopher Pete ~ Published: January 24, 2021 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Nowadays, no organization want to take the risk of not having proper backups. Simply imagine the kind of information (data) loss an email application crash could cause. This is enough to give an idea what an Exchange administrator has to go through if an Exchange Server crashes without Backup file. So it is no surprise that the market flooded with numerous backup and restore solutions that allows to restore individual mailbox in Exchange 2010 Backup.

Although in most cases, Exchange administrator restores an entire database from its backup file, there could be instances wherein it is needed to recover single mailbox in Exchange 2010. For example, a user might accidentally deleted some important emails form their mailbox and sent request to administrator for restoring mailbox from the backup file. In such situations, what is the best strategy to be followed? In this blog, we will focus on  this particular situation and provide some insights.

Learn More on How to Restore Individual Mailbox in Exchange 2010 Backup

Before going to restore single user mailbox Exchange 2010 process, let us familiarize ourselves with some basics.

  • Usually, individual mailboxes recovery from the backup is not required. After being deleted, a mailbox can found in Disconnected Mailboxes under Recipient Configuration. From there, it can simply reconnected and restore. Therefore, we will explain according to the situation where a deleted mailbox has purged from disconnected mailboxes.
  • Microsoft does not provide the native and complete automated way to granular Exchange mailbox restoration.
  • Convert Exchange database file EDB to Outlook supported format enables individual mailbox data access through MS Outlook.
  • The recovery procedure mentioned below assumes that the readers are familiar with the backup and restore process and that a full backup of the database exists.

How to Recover Single Mailbox in Exchange 2010?

In the recent date, number of applications are available, that restore single mailbox in exchange 2010. Here we recommend one of the best software entitled as EBD Repair Tool. This software is specially designed to recover the individual items from Exchange 2010 backup. Also, the software can recover deleted emails from Exchange mailboxes. It is compatible with Exchange Server 2019, 2016, 2013, and all other below versions. This utility allows to export by category Contact, Calendar, Mail, Task, Journal, etc. Here are the steps to use this tool for Exchange mailbox recovery:

Steps to Restore Individual Mailbox in Exchange 2010 Backup

Step 1: Download and Run the EDB  Repair Tool.

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Step 2: Now, click on “Add File” button to select the EDB file.

Add File

Step 3: Click on the Select File button and Browse the EDB file to select it.

browse edb file

Step 4: Hit on Export button on the preview section to migrate the EDB files.


Step 5: Choose Enter Destination Mailbox where you wish to add the exported EDB file.

Step 6: Now, Successfully Export your Individual Exchange Mailbox.

Restore Individual Mailbox on Exchange 2010 Backup Manually

a) First, Start the Window Server backup and select the local backup. Choose Backup once from the action pane.

b) Select the Different Options on the Backup options page and click the Next button.

Different Options
c) Now, choose Custom on select backup configuration page and press Next to restore Individual Mailbox into the Exchange 2010 Backup.

d) After this, on the Select Items for Backup page, hit the Add Items to restore Individual Mailbox from Exchange 2010 Backup.

Select Items
e) Now, select the volume to be backed up and click on the OK.

f) In this step, the selected volume gets added. Select the Advanced Settings.

g) Now, go to VSS Settings tab to choose VSS full backup. Click on OK and then click Next.

Note: To exclude the file or folder from backup, go to the Exclusion tab and click on Add Exclusion. Then, select the file/ folder that are to be excluded from backup while you recover single mailbox in Exchange 2010.

h) Now, enter the destination location for storing the backup, on the Specify Destination Type page. Press the Next button.

i) If users select the remote shared folder, then the Specify Remote Folder page appears. Provide the required information and hit the Next.

Note: If users choose the Local Drives, then the Select Backup Destination page will appear. Now, choose one option from the available options in Backup Destination drop-down menu and click on Next.

j) On the Conformation page, verify the backup settings and click on Backup.

k) The backup process will start now. One can see its status on the Backup Progress page.

l) After the successful completion of the procedure, the backup details will be displayed.

Negative Aspects of Manual Approach

1. It does not restore individual mailbox in Exchange 2010 backup
2.  The method to restore single Exchange 2010 mailbox in lengthy and time-consuming
3. The technique is complex and inexperienced users face trouble while executing it
4.  Mishandling of any step leads to the data loss, data corruption, system damage, etc.

Summing Up

It is often a tricky situation for the Exchange users to get back their deleted mailbox data from Exchange 2010. We hope that one of the above mentioned methods will be able to help you recover single mailbox in Exchange 2010. Users can avoid all the hassle and risks by using the mentioned automated application to perform EDB to Outlook supported file format conversion and extract desired data easily.