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Save Outlook 365 Emails as File or Single Message – Quick Solution

Admin ~ Modified: December 20, 2021 ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Query1: Can any one suggest me a best solution which help me to save Outlook 365 email as file. I need to keep the local local copy of my important Outlook email message so that I can avoid the risk of data loss during any unexpected situations.

Query 2: I am using Outlook 365 account from very long time for the web based email management. But my system is installed with the Thunderbird desktop application. I got an urgency to mange my work in Offline so I need the offline copy of my Outlook emails for the reference purse. Is there any solution to take my email messages in EML format.

Are you have similar queries? Don’t worry we have answer for all similar questions. Now a day most of the cloud users aware about the importance of security of their online data. So each one searching for the most simple and secure way to save their email data. In this blog we are going to provide the best solutions for the users who are looking for the ways to manage their Outlook data in Offline. In the following section we are going to discuss 3 methods for the same:

  • Manual Solution to Save Outlook 365 Email as File
  • Automated Solution to Save Outlook Emails to Desktop

Expert Suggestion:
Use PCVita Office 365 Backup tool for fast transfer of Outlook 365 emails into local system and save securely in various file formats. Download the free demo version from here:

Manual Methods to Save Outlook 365 emails into Desktop

There are different methods are available to save the Outlook email data locally into the system. Here are some the manual methods which help you to save the mailbox data into different files and secure your data.

Method 1: Save Outlook 365 as PST

PST is one of the commonly using file format to backup the mailbox data such as emails, calendars, contacts etc. Also it helps to easily access the locally saved mailbox data by importing the PST to Outlook desktop application. Follow the steps mentioned bellow to save Outlook 365 email into PST.

Step 1) Configure Outlook 365 account in Outlook desktop application
Step 2) Go to File and select Import & Export option
Step 3) Select Export to a File option from Import and & Export wizard
Step 4) Choose Outlook data file to save the email data into PST file
Step 5) Check Include Subfolders
Step 6) Click Finish button to start downloading.

Method 2: Save Emails as HTML File

Follow the bellow steps to convert your Outlook emails into HTML code format and save into the local system.

Step 1) Go to the mailbox folder which contain the email messages that you need to convert.
Step 2) Then go to File and select Save As option.
Step 3) Select the destination path where you need to save the email from the Explorer window.
Step 4) Select the HTML option from the drop down and click on Save.
Step 5) Repeat the process for remaining emails to save Outlook 365 email as file of HTML format.

Method 3: Convert Office 365 Emails as PDF

This another simple method which will help the users to keep their email data in easily accessible manner. PDF is a commonly using file format which is famous for its non editable feature. Which provide more security to the email data and protect it from external & internal alteration of data. But Microsoft doesn’t provide any direct method to convert Outlook 365 emails into PDF. Follow the given steps to save your mailbox data into PDF format.

Step 1) Save your email file in HTML format.
Step 2) Open Microsoft Word document
Step 3) Go to File > Open then select saved HTML file from the location.
Step 4) After that save the file as PDF from the Save As.. option
Step 5) Click on the Save button.

Automated Solution to Save Outlook 365 email as File

The manual methods normally time taking process. Which consume large amount of time to complete the conversion process. And also, manual methods are not always successfully complete which also leads to the data loss. PCVita Office 365 Backup tool is an alternative solution to avoid such situation and save your email data securely into the local system. The tool help the user to save their Outlook 365 mailbox data into PST & EML file.

Method 1: Save Outlook 365 email as EML File

By downloading the Outlook 365 mailbox into EML format users can save their each email messages separately into the desktop. It will helps in the easy accessing & sharing of single email messages instead of accessing the entire mailbox data. EML is the single email format supported by most of the email client hence saving email messages in EML file will allow the user to import the data EML supporting desktop based email application and manage the email data in offline situations. Follow the steps to save email as EML

download for windows

Step 1) Install and run the Outlook 365 Backup tool.

Step 2) Login to the Outlook 365 account.

Login page

Step 3) Check the box infront of Email to save Outlook 365 email as EML format.

Select mailbox item

Step 4) Provide Date filter and other filter options according to the user preference and click Next.

Date filter

Step 5) Schedule the backup and provide destination path.

Step 6) Click on Finish and start the exporting process.

Start downloading

Method 2: Save Outlook 365 Email as PST

PST file is on of the commonly using file format to backup the email data from the Outlook 365. Which help to save the entire mailbox data including emails, calendar, contacts. Also the tool allow to save mailbox data from multiple Outlook 365 account at same.

Step 1) Download & Install the tool.
Step 2) Select the Export option.

Export option

Step 3) Select the Emails & Document option.

select mailbox item

Step 4) Choose and apply required filters.

destination path

Step 5) Click on Export button finish the process.

click on export

Final Words

In the above blog we discussed various method to save Outlook 365 email as file. Which help you to secure your cloud mailbox data. Both manual as well as tool base solution is mentioned in the above section. You can use any of the method according to your preference. We recommend the automated solution for the fast and secure way to eave your email data into PST & EML format.