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How to Save Outlook 365 Email as EML – Learn Quick & Reliable Way

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On March 4th, 2023
Reading Time 6 Minutes Reading

Query1: Can any one suggest me a best solution which help me to save Outlook email as EML file. I need to keep the local copy of my important Outlook email messages, so that I can avoid the risk of data loss during any unexpected situations.

Query 2: I am using Outlook 365 account from very long time for the web based email management. But my system is installed with the Thunderbird desktop application. I got an urgency to mange my work in Offline so I need the offline copy of my Outlook emails for the reference purse. Is there any solution to take my save Outlook 365 email messages in EML format.

Do you have similar queries? Don’t worry we have the answers to all your questions related to this. Nowadays most cloud users are aware of the importance of the security of their online data. So they are searching for the most simple and secure way to save their email data locally. Hence, in this write-up, we are going to provide you with the best solutions for the same.

5 Step Save Outlook 365 Email as EML

  • Step 1. Download, Install, and Run the Software.
  • Step 2. Login with Office 365 User or Admin Credentials.
  • Step 3. Select Export as EML & Choose Mailbox Items.
  • Step 4. Apply Date Filter & Define Destination Location.
  • Step 5. Click on Start to Save Outlook 365 Email as EML.

Now, before going any further, let’s understand the reason behind this operation.

Reasons Behind  Saving Outlook 365 Email as EML

There are several reasons why someone might choose to save an Outlook 365 email as an EML file. Here are a few possible reasons:

  • Compatibility: EML is a standard file format that is supported by a wide range of email clients, including popular programs like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Outlook Express. Saving emails as EML files ensures that they can be easily opened and read in other email clients, regardless of whether the recipient is using the same email service as the sender.
  • Archiving: Saving emails as EML files can be a useful way to archive messages for long-term storage. EML files are self-contained and can be easily moved or copied to other devices or storage locations, making them a convenient format for storing important emails.
  • Offline Access: Saving emails as EML files also allow you to access your messages offline, without requiring an internet connection. This can be particularly useful if you need to reference important emails while traveling or in areas with limited connectivity.
  • Backup: Saving emails as EML files can also be a useful backup strategy, allowing you to create a copy of important emails in case your email account is compromised or lost. By saving emails as EML files, you can ensure that you have a backup copy of all your messages that can be easily restored if necessary.

Now let’s understand the different approaches, using which a user can execute this task safely.

There are Generally Two Ways  to Save Outlook 365 Email as EML

Traditional Manual Way for Outlook 365 Save Email as EML Format

Outlook 365 allows you to download a single email message at a time manually. You can easily execute this task by following the below steps, however, this process is not adequate for bulk data download. 

Since you can only download a single message at a time, hence, you may find this a tedious task if you have to save tons of emails as EML file format. 

Here are the Manual Steps on How to Save Outlook 365 Email as EML: 

Step 1. Log in to your Office 365 account and navigate to all apps, and click on Outlook.

Step 2. Now compose a new email and select the email you want to save as EML file.

Step 3. Drag and drop the email into the newly composed email.

Step 4. Now from the attached email, click on the drop-down icons and hit download.


Step 5. It will download that Office 365 email as EML file format on your computer.

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Most Reliable and Automated Solution to Save Outlook Email as EML

The manual method can work for you, but only for limited emails if you need to download bulk emails then you might find yourself stuck in this process. Which would eventually consume a large amount of time to complete the conversion process.

Hence, we suggest you PCVita Office 365 Export Tool, it is an alternative solution to avoid such a situation and save your email data securely in the EML format. Using this tool you can also export Office 365 mailbox to PST format.

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Five  Software Steps to Save Outlook Email as EML Format

Step 1. Download, install, and open the software on your computer. Click on login to continue. 

Step 2. Use Office 365 admin or user credentials to log in to the software. Select the required user email id to save their respective emails as EML file format. 

Step 3. Now select email format as EML and check all the required mailbox box items that need to be saved as EML such as emails, contacts, calendars, etc.

Step 4. You can also apply a date filter for selective data download. Enable the date filter and select the required date range, if required.

Step 5. Set the destination path and location to save Outlook email as EML file format.

By downloading the Outlook 365 mailbox into EML format users can save each email message separately on the desktop. It will help in the easy accessing & sharing of single email messages instead of accessing the entire mailbox data. EML is the single email format supported by most email clients hence saving email messages in EML files will allow the user to import the data EML supporting desktop-based email applications and manage the email data in offline situations.

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Final Words

In the above blog, we discussed two methods to save Outlook 365 emails as files. Which helps you to secure your cloud mailbox data. Both manuals, as well as tool base solution, is mentioned in the above section. You can use any of the methods according to your preference. We recommend the automated solution for a fast and secure way to save your Outlook email data in EML format.