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Effortlessly Transfer Google Docs Between Accounts – Perfect Guide

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On December 31st, 2021
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If you want to transfer Google docs between accounts, you should stick to this blog and read it till the end to find the perfect solutions with best results.

Whenever a file is created on Google docs, sheets, slides or is uploaded on Google Drive, by default, the user doing so is considered the owner by Google. You can also share the files with other users as long as they have an email id and change the ownership to an extent of files.


Although sometimes, users experience an error which says that the file can only be transferred to the user having email address of the same domain as the owner. This is why the users look on how to move Google docs to another account.

Let’s take a look at a user query to understand the situation better.

User Query – Hi! I have recently moved my email address from one domain to another domain. Now that I have changed domains, I need to move the data from my previous account to the new account as well. I was able to export all the other items from the previous account such as the emails, contacts, calendars, etc. But, I haven’t been able to find the solution to move the documents from Google Drive. What shall I do?

There are various users like the one above who are having this issue, let’s find out the solutions to solve this issue.

What Are the Measures to Transfer Google Docs Between Accounts?

There are three categories to the Google Drive users which are: Owner, Editor, and Viewer. Various users have the ability to edit a G Drive document and edit it but there will always be only one owner. Now, there are two conditions that are considered while transferring the data:

1. Exporting Ownership to Same Domain
2. Moving Ownership in Different Domain

Methods for both the situations are explained thoroughly here.

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Condition 1 – Move Google Docs to Another Account in Same Domain

You can undertake two methods to perform the transfer process:

First Method – Move the Ownership of Single Document or Folders

The users who want to transfer the ownership can follow the instructions as given below. For admin, skip to the next method.

1. Firstly, go to the Drive or Docs in the homepage.
2. Open the Sharing Box and choose the file or folder from the Drive. Hit the Share icon.
3. Now, you have to enter the email address of the new owner in the Invite People field and press Share and save.
4. Select the Advanced button from the Sharing Box.
5. Click on the drop-down menu beside the name of the new owner.
6. From the menu, choose the Is Owner option and hit Done.

This is how you can transfer Google docs between accounts. Now, to the steps for admin.

Second Method – Export Ownership of All the Google Docs

The admin has the power to move the ownership of all the documents to anyone. In fact, if any user has left the domain, the admin is the only one who can retrieve the documents from there in five days. Following steps show how:

1. To initiate the process, you first have to sign in the Google Admin Console.
2. Now, go to the Apps option and choose the Google Apps option from there.
3. Click on the Drive button and hit Transfer Ownership option to move further.
4. After that, you need to fill in the document ownership transfer section to move Google docs to another account.
5. Here, you have to enter the email address of the current owner in the From field and choose the user’s domain.
6. Next, fill in the email address of the new owner in the To field and give the user’s domain.
7. Finish the process by clicking on the Transfer Documents option.

Moving to the second situation.

Condition 2 – Transfer Google Docs Between Accounts in Different Domains

In order to move the ownership of the documents in different domains, you can follow the steps as discussed here:

1. First of all, you have to Log in your Google account and move the required documents to a folder in the same Drive.
2. Share the folder in the Google Drive of a domain outside the Drive.
3. Enter the credentials for external account to log in to it.
4. Now, move the shared folder to My Drive folder from the Shared With Me folder.
Note: The owner of the original account still owns the folder and it can’t be changed from the user outside the domain.
5. You need to have the Google Drive application installed in your hard drive to complete the process to move Google docs to another account.
Note: In case you are logged in the G Drive account, it is required that you log out of that account and sign in with a new account.
6. Now, let the synchronization of Google Drive app complete first.
7. Here, you have to navigate to the Shared folder and right-click on it. Users having Mac OS can hit on the Duplicate option and for Windows OS users, first Copy and then Paste.
8. In this step, you have to wait for the synchronization to complete and then check the folders. You will see that the external account has now become the owner.

These are the steps to transfer Google docs between accounts divided in two conditions.

The Final Wording

As we all know that the documents from Google Drive can be transferred to another user but sometimes an error is shown, makes the users go crazy. There is a quick way of getting things done by using the software as mentioned above in the blog.

Also, since there can be conditions, you can find the methods to both the conditions explained in details to make it easy for the users to be able to move Google docs to another account easily.