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Zoho Download All Attachments – Step by Step Method

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On December 21st, 2021
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If you are a Zoho user and want to download Zoho mail attachments? Then this blog will guide you step wisely. Here we discuss how Zoho download all attachments and also cover the user queries why fail to download attachments from Zoho Mail. So let’s start with the step by step.

Zoho Mail offers a quick view of almost all types of attachments users receive like PDF, Images, Text files, Videos, and other media. Users have the option to download the attachments to their devices. If users have multiple attachments in an email, they can select few or all attachments and download as zip file. After downloading as a zip file, user can extract the files individually to the desired location on his system.

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Zoho Download All Attachments

You can download attachments as ZIP and you can also select attachments, and choose the required action from the list of options in the “Add To” menu.

The .eml and .msg file attachments can be downloaded as EML or HTML files by using the options “Save as HTML file” and “Save as EML file” in the preview.

In the More options menu, you can Add to cloud, Cliq message, Attach in a new Streams message, Attach and send a new email, Attach to a new note, and Attach to a new task. You can send the email attachment in chat using the Add to Cliq message option. The Attach in new streams option allows you to publish a new message in streams with the selected attachment. You can also use the Attach and send a new email option to create a new email with the selected file as an attachment.

After provided all these useful functions, many users are unable to download emails attachments. In the next, section let’s know the reasons why users failed to download their email attachments.

Reasons Why Fail to Download Attachments from Zoho Mail?

There can be many reasons behind Zoho download all attachments failed. Some of the common reasons are-

  • Zoho Mail Server Down
  • Internet Connection is not stable
  • Browser is outdated or not supported
  • Installed a plugin or extension

Now let’s understand it more clearly based on a few user requests.

Users Queries:

Query 1: I am trying to backup and download all data and file attachments stored in my application. I downloaded all the data without any problems. But I don’t know what’s wrong with that and why I can’t download all attachments. I found a file downloader tool, but it doesn’t work either. Please tell me how can I do.

Solution: Zoho mail provides option to view and download attachments with different options as explained above. If you cannot do this, then you can change the browser and try again with the steps for downloading the attachments.

Query 2: Can’t download or upload new or older attachments. It doesn’t matter which type (jpg, pdf any). I did all the steps properly for Zoho download all attachments, but failed. Please suggest what to do next.

Solution: If you have installed a plugin, this also restricts the downloading of attachments. You need to disable the plugin. Also check whether your internet connection is stable or not.

If any of the solutions doesn’t work for you, then you can continue with the automated solution below.

Alternate Solution – Zoho Download All Attachments

Use Zoho Backup Tool if you still can’t download attachments from Zoho emails. This software gives you option to backup Zoho Mail to PST, MBOX, MSG, and EML file formats along with attachments. It maintains the folder hierarchy throughout the process. It is easy to use by any novices and installs in Windows 10, 8.1, 8. 7, etc.  The software offers multiple features to backup and export data from Zoho.

Here are the steps to download and export Zoho emails along with attachments:

First Download Zoho backup tool by clicking on the below button

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Step 1. Install the Zoho email backup tool and login.

Zoho Backup

Step 2. Choose export Zoho Mail to PST, PDF, EML, MSG or MBOX.

Zoho download all attachments

Step 3. Select the location to save the Zoho mail data.

Download attachments from zoho mail

Step 4. Select folders and apply filters according to the needs.

Zoho download all attachment

Step 5. Start Backup of Zoho emails and attachments.

backup and download zoho email attachments

Once the downloading process is done, you can view the resultant files from the desired location on your system.

Final Words

Zoho download all attachments and provides different option to do so. You can choose any of the option to download attachments from Zoho Mail. However, sometimes users cannot download attachments due to many reasons. Here we discussed the solutions and reasons why not all attachments were downloaded from Zoho.