Zoho Mail PST Migration with Best Zoho Backup Software

admin | May 4th, 2020 | Zoho Mail

Do you need any simple (direct) process of Zoho Mail PST migration? Don’t go in search of any other results. You have got the right result to direct all your Zoho Emails to PST Data file. In the article below, we will be discussing about a new application that supports migration of Zoho email file to PST format. Read on to know about the utility and the process of easy Zoho mail migration.   

Zoho Email Backup Software. The utility is popular with this name. You may have known a number of applications with the same in the market. The difference that it makes is the features it offers for the users to efficiently save their required data in PST. You will get an overview of the entire feature it presents and also the process that has made a lot user to easily export Zoho Mail to PST file. Let us begin with the system requirement first.

Application Prerequisites:

Hard Drive Space100 MB
Microsoft .Net Framework4.5 or above installation required
Windows OSAny version of Windows (32/ 64 bit)

This is the requirement that you will need to run the application on your system. If you have all of these features on your computer, download the Zoho backup tool.

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Let us know how this utility works and its all functions for efficient Zoho mail migration.

Steps for Zoho Mail PST Migration

Step 1. Download and Run Zoho Backup Tool and login with Zoho credentials on Windows.

login to zoho mail pst migration tool

Step 2. Select PST option for Zoho mail to PST file migration.

select pst file for Zoho mail migration

Step 3. Browse a location to save the PST file.

select location to save PST file

Step 4. Click Start button.

start Zoho Mail PST migration process

This simple process will successfully export Zoho email to PST file. As this is the process Zoho mail migration, this application offers some efficient features to perform the data migration in a more significant manner.

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Features of Zoho Email Backup Tool

The utility offers many functions for efficient Zoho Mail PST migration. The main facilities in this utility are described below:

  • Backup Zoho Email in Multiple Formats

Zoho mail migration tool offers a backup facility of Zoho Mail emails in four different file formats. They are PST, EML, MSG, and MBOX. In this way users can perform Zoho to Gmail migration. These files are supported by other popular mail clients like Mozilla Thunderbird (MBOX), MS Outlook (PST/ MSG), Apple Mail/ Zoho Mail (EML), etc.

  • Apply Filters for Selective Email Migration

In some situations not all emails are required to be migrated to PST file (only important emails required). For such cases, there is a facility of email filtering. This is achieved through two modes. Folder selection and email selection using a date range. Set the date range and download (or migrate) the emails within this range to the respective format.

  • Email Archival Facility

Apart from the email selection, another important feature is the archiving of Zoho emails to local system. With this function, the data migrated will be removed from the source Zoho Mail account. It is a helpful option to free account storage and save the data at your end.

  • Incremental Backup Option

This option in the Zoho Mail PST migration process is efficient as it reduces the time taken in a migration process. This option will skip the previously migrated data and migrate only the new Zoho emails. It will not be functioning in the first time of Zoho mail backup.

  • Migrate Data from All Zoho Accounts

Zoho Mail have different categories for email accounts like there is a default account with @zoho.com extension and the next is the custom domain account with @xyz.com extension. This Zoho mail migration tool is compatible to export data from all Zoho mail accounts. Only requirement is the account credentials must be correct and try using the app password, if the MFA is enabled. (Multi Factor Authentication is similar to two step verification and you can find it in the Zoho account settings.)

  • Maintain Folder Structure

The folder structure of each email is retained during the Zoho Mail PST migration. It is backend processing and all emails have the same folder structure when opening and viewing the PST file. In addition, the meta details of each email are retained in the resulting PST file.

  • Preserve Read / Unread Status

Apart from the Folder hierarchy of the emails, the Zoho Backup Tool keeps a record of the emails read and unread. The resultant PST file will show the exact number of read and unread emails as in the source Zoho mail account.

  • Pause and Resume Process

During Zoho mail migration, you can stop the process using the Pause option. It will stop the migration in the middle. You can restore the ongoing process, there is a Resume option visible.

Final Verdict

This article is about a unique utility that proves too efficient for Zoho mail migration. The process for Zoho Mail PST migration and some functions that will make it efficient are discussed above. Use the process above if you need to export Zoho email to PST data file preserving its original status.