PCVITA Cloud Backup & Restore Tool

All in One Tool for Saving Offline Copies of Data from Cloud & Restoring it Back into Cloud.

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  • Save Data from Cloud Platforms like Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 Locally
  • Export Data from All the Items i.e. Emails, Calendar, Contacts, & Documents
  • Facility to Restore Deleted Data from Previously Created Backup via Admin Account
  • Selective Backup of Data Using the Date-Range and Category-Based Filters
  • Concurrent Backup Option for Batch-Wise Exportation of Data & a Speedy Task
  • Set Priority to Backup Specific User Mailboxes Earlier than Others
  • Option to Add Multiple Users for Mapping via Fetch User or Import User Feature
  • Function Embedded to Re-Run the Backup Process for All or Selective Data
  • Available for Windows OS Version 10 (64-bit) and Windows Server 2012 and 2016

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Cloud Backup Tool – Ratings & Reviews

Best Rated Software by Experts to Backup and Restore from Cloud Platforms

Intriguing Features of Cloud Backup and Restore Software

Secure and Convenient Backup Operations for Data-Safety

Backup Data from Cloud Platforms

Backup Data from Cloud Platforms

The Backup and Restore Tool is embedded with different features to create a backup of all the mailboxes from a cloud platform. A complete backup of the user mailboxes can be exported in Outlook data file format without any trouble.

Restore Mailboxes from Cloud Backup

Restore Mailboxes from Cloud Backup

Apart from backing up, the software also allows recovering the lost data files from the mailbox as well. The data stored in MS Outlook accessible format can be used to retrieve the lost files back to the user mailbox.

Selective Export Supported

Selective Export Supported

During the backup procedure performed by Cloud Backup and Restore Tool, options for selective data migration are provided. The Date-range filter can be applied to pick data from a certain time-period. Whereas, the Category-based filter allows to mark the items which the data is to be exported from.

Concurrent Backup

Apply Concurrent Backup Feature

Another amazing feature embedded in the tool is the Concurrent Backup feature. This feature can be used for transferring mailboxes in batches as required to the destination platform. A maximum of 5 user accounts can be added in a single batch for migrating from cloud to desktop-based platform.

Run Entire Backup Again

Option to Run Entire Backup Again

With the help of this Backup and Restore Utility, it is possible to run the backup procedure again in three modes:

  • Retry Failed Items: To run the process again for exporting the skipped or failed files in previous process.
  • Re-Run Full Backup: To run the entire backup procedure again if the need be.
  • Delta Backup: To run the backup procedure for only those emails that have arrived after the first process to avoid duplicity.

Generate Export Report

Generate Export Report of Backup

After completing the operation, two options for downloading the export report are offered:

  • Summary Report: Option to download only the summarized format of the export process.
  • Detailed Report: Option to download the detailed report of each file in a CSV format.

Folder Hierarchy

Keeps Folder Hierarchy the Same

Using the Backup and Restore Tool for download the events and emails from cloud platform, the folder structure of the mailbox is not altered. All the data is stored in the same order without making even a bit of change.

Prioritize User Mailboxes

Facility to Prioritize User Mailboxes

There is an incredible feature in the software provided during the backup task which permits setting priority to desired user mailboxes. Meaning, it will set the order in which the mailboxes are to be exported as per desire.

Cloud Backup Tool – Software Specifications

Free Download Software to Backup Crucial Data from Cloud Storage

Software Download

Size : 94.4 MB

Version : 5.6.0

MD5 : 40c27c203ac84d849859efeb161f5cd8

Trial Limitations

Use Demo version of the tool to get 2 Users licenses for complete data backup without any restriction.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Around 500 MB for installation & tool requires at least 5 GB of free space to store data

Minimum 8 GB of RAM is recommended

Minimum 8 core Processor 2.2 GHz Processor


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 – For Windows
  • Destination User(s) should be already created at destination Admin account.

Supported Editions

Windows - Windows 2012 / 2016 Server, Windows 10 (64-bit)



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Feature Comparison of Cloud Backup & Restore Tool

Complete Overview of Software to Backup Cloud Email Platform Data

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Backup Emails, Contacts, Calendars & Documents
Complete Data Backup Supported
Unlimited Delta Passes (Delta Backup)
Select Emails, Calendars, Contacts & Documents Items
Available For Windows OS
Priority Backkup
User Account Backup and Restore 2 User Accounts
Cost FREE $5 per User

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers on How to Backup Data from Cloud Platforms

What are the basic steps using this tool?

Following are the main steps to be executed:

Backup & Restore Utility

  • Step 1: Run the Cloud Backup and Restore Tool on Windows OS
  • Step 2: Choose the Source & Destination in the Setup tab
  • Step 3: Enter the details for Source account and Validate permissions
  • Step 4: Fill in the details for Destination account and Validate account
  • Step 5: Use the Fetch Users / Import Users options to map accounts
  • Step 6: Set the priority and hit Start Backup to initiate the process
There are no restrictions on the size of the data that needs to be exported.
Yes, the Category and Date-filters allow you to export data selectively from the cloud platform.
You can easily apply the Delta Backup option to export only those files that have been received after the first backup procedure.
The tool allows users to migrate the data in batches via the Concurrent Backup option in which, 5 users accounts can be added at max.

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