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Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool

Numerous organizations centralize their business crucial data on Microsoft Exchange Server. But, continuous update in technicalities and infrastructure increases burden. Read More

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In these situations, enterprises decide to migrate Exchange mailbox to Office 365 cloud for improving the work throughput. Microsoft Office 365 is a trending email platform to host programs, databases, and servers. Here comes the call for a solution for moving data from Exchange 2007, 2003, 2010 etc., to Office 365 tenant. PCVITA Exchange to Office 365 migration software delivers a straightforward solution for migrating from Exchange server to O365. It will import the Exchange server emails, contacts, calendar, and notes to Office 365 without data loss. All the associated properties of each mailbox will be converted in the targeted tenant.

  • Move several mailboxes from Exchange data to Office 365 account
  • Transfer all Exchange items: Emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, etc.
  • No limitation of mailboxes amount: tested with 1500+ mailbox
  • Requires Microsoft Office user id and password for mapping purpose
  • Microsoft Exchange server and active directory should be in Active mode
  • Presence of Exchange server and migration system is mandatory

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Features of Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool

Key Features - EDB to Office 365 Migration Software

Migrate All Exchange Mailbox Items

Program enables users to easily connect Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and prior, to Office 365. Move entire emails, calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks with other folders like inbox, outbox, drafts, and other personal folders. Entire migration will be carried in one go in a trouble-free way.

Import On Premises to Exchange Online

Exchange to Office 365 migration tool enables users to export and save data of one mailbox into corresponding Exchange online account. This mapping is possible by rendering valid O365 account details for each candidate corresponding to respective MS Exchange server mailboxes.

Analyze Active Directory Information

Just after clicking on Export button, users will find Active Directory console of their Live Exchange server. This comprises of Active directory information like total number of mailboxes present, total item count present in each mailbox. The way provides deployment assistant to transfer Exchange to O365.

Simple and Intellectual User Interface

It is possible to move EDB to Office 365 in fewer and simple execution steps. Users will be able to acquire all required details like domain name, active directory name, and Exchange server name. In addition to this, the software provides an option to eliminate data from Exchange server after uploading.

Export Selective Emails from Exchange

Microsoft Exchange server to Office 365 migration software enables users to import selective set of emails. Customers only have to mention To-to-From data to attempt this filtration. Automatically, the tool will discard all Exchange emails that does not resides within the time period and exhibit selective transferring.

Move Particular Exchange Mailboxes

Instead of moving all data from on premises environment, users can migrate selective mailboxes in target Office 365 tenant. Clients can check or uncheck the items to be imported in Exchange Online account. This is useful to save waste time that might get consumed in exporting useless mailboxes.

How to Use EDB to Office 365 Migration Software?

start software

Step 1 - : Initial Screen of software

view active directory, exchange details

Step 2 - : Now, show Active Directory details

enter login detail of mailbox

Step 3 - : Enter Mailbox Details - User Id and Password

now, import exchange to office 365

Step 4 - : Now, Migrate EDB to Office 365

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Product FAQ's

You can use our software to experience a simple way of moving Exchange EDB files data in Office 365 account:
  • Download and install EDB to Office 365 migration tool.
  • Click on Export button to continue.
  • Select the source MS Exchange profile.
  • Click on Next and enter O365 credentials.
  • At last, click on Export button.
Yes, PCVITA Exchange to Office 365 migration tool is capable of working with Exchange version 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and other available versions.
Yes, you can add complete data of the Exchange server in Office 365 account without a single change. The software provides deployment assistant with 100% accuracy to import Exchange to O365 tenant.
Yes, utility convert Exchange server EDB data to Office 365 account in all Windows OS versions. It includes Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and all prior versions.
Yes, our utility supports bulk migration from Exchange server to Office 365. You can simultaneously move several Exchange mailboxes (EDB) to Office 365 account.