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How to Migrate Gmail to Apple Mail Without Data Loss?

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On March 18th, 2024

Gmail running out of space or “seeking better functionalities in Apple Mail” are primary reasons to migrate Gmail to Apple Mail. This write-up will explain the two methods for exporting Gmail data to the Apple Mail account.

Gmail— one of the top-notch webmail solutions, offering 15GB of free space to manage emails, contacts, calendars, drive, and more. As we have already mentioned, these mailbox items can gradually fill up the space leaving users with two choices; either upgrade the space or shift to a different email platform.

Migrating the Gmail data to a desktop-based email solution i.e. Apple Mail is considered the best go-to choice. Now, read the article to closely understand the needs of the users and methods to export data.

Need to Export Gmail to Apple Mail Account

There are major grounds where users seek methods to migrate Gmail to Apple Mail. Here, we have listed a few reasons for the same:

  • For Apple Mail users, the Apple email ID is a default solution to manage emails in iPhones, Mac machines, and other Apple devices. Since it is a unified email solution, therefore, users aim to add Gmail to Mac Mail accounts.
  • Migrating the Gmail emails to Apple Mail allows users to seamlessly use the Apple services and applications. It enables Apple users to integrate from one product to another. With this, users can easily share or access the emails smoothly.
  • Security and data encryption are other reasons to export Gmail to Apple Mail. Moreover, Apple Mail is recognized as a renowned solution, offering robust integrated security and end-to-end encryption for mail accounts.

Overall, these are the main purposes for users to add Gmail to Apple Mail. Compared to Gmail, Apple Mail is designed with a more intuitive interface and user-friendly features. Now, let’s dive in to know the first solution for migration.

Manual Method to Migrate Gmail to Apple Mail

In the following section, we will explain two holistic manual approaches to export Gmail emails to Apple Mail. Therefore, read the below-mentioned free method one after another. Now, let’s unfold the first solution:-

  • Steps to Import Gmail Account to Apple Mail

Here, we will highlight the way to export Gmail to Apple Mail using the Apple Mail integrated solution. Now, discover the step guidance below:-

  1. Login to your Apple Mail.
  2. From the top bar, click on “Mail” > “Add Account”.
  3. In the pop-up checkbox, select “Google” and press “Continue”.
  4. Enter your Gmail account address and password in the next interface > Next.
  5. Now, insert the SMS code generated and press Next.
  6. Lastly, check out the synced Mail account, and then, choose the necessary mailbox items i.e. Calendars, Notes, etc.
  7. Now, go to Done.

By exercising these steps, users can migrate Gmail to Apple Mail. After completing the process, users can find the imported Gmail folders in the Apple mailbox. Hence, use this step guidance to access your Gmail mailbox in Mac Mail.

  • Use Google Takeout Service

Google Takeout is one of the popular in-house services provided by Google itself to backup the entire data of a Gmail account in MBOX file format. Moreover, users can import the MBOX file in Apple Mail as it is the default file format provided by Mac Mail. Now, read the steps below:-

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on Data & Privacy > Download your Data.
  3. In the pop-up window of Google Takeout, deselect all and then, manually choose the mailbox items for migration > Next Step.
  4. Now, choose the Destination and then, File Type.
  5. With this, set the File Size.
  6. Lastly, click on Create Export.
  7. After exporting the data, then, import it in Apple Mail > Open Apple Mail.
  8. Click on “File Tab” and go to Import Mailboxes > Files in MBOX Format.
  9. Select “Continue” and browse the resultant MBOX file and then, select the file.
  10. Now, it begins the import and lastly, click on the Done button, once the process is completed.

Using these steps, users can export Gmail to Apple Mail account. Unfortunately, implementing these steps is quite complex and can cause blunders if not used correctly. Now, let’s dive in to uncover the limitations of using these manual guides.

Why Not Choose Manual Solutions?

  • Using the Apple Mail import process if you’re an untrained eye can bring unfavorable conditions. Moreover, the manual steps to migrate Gmail to Apple Mail account are complex, tiresome, and cause errors that lead to accidental deletion of data.
  • Implementing the second manual solution is again not recommended for users. As Google Takeout offers a few attempts to download the mailbox items. In addition, users can generate 2-3 profiles in a day and overall, 7 attempts a week. Most importantly, large data gets corrupted and even shows errors while obtaining the data after backup.
  • For using both manual solutions, users need to find a stable network connection. As if there is any hindrance then, it will automatically halt the complete process of exporting the Gmail data to Mac Mail.

Expert Approach to Batch Export Gmail to Apple Mail

Earlier, we highlighted the manual guide to migrate Gmail to Apple Mail. Unfortunately, using the free solution, users can address major challenges. Therefore, use PCVITA Gmail Backup Software; one of the robust and profound solutions for Mac users to easily add a Gmail account to Mac Mail. Using this advanced and state-of-the-art solution, users can quickly batch export Gmail mailbox items such as emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, etc.

Other prime features of this tool include data filter, exporting data to different file extensions, selective backup, and most importantly, deletion after download. Moreover, it is the fastest and most advanced solution to export Gmail to Apple Mail without any risk factors. Now, let’s move to learn the steps and guidance.

Quick Steps of Automated Software

Prerequisite:- Generate the “app password” using the two-step authentication in Gmail.

  1. Run the above-mentioned tool on your system.
    enter login details
  2. Insert the login credentials i.e. App Password > Login.
    click on folders
  3. Select the required checkboxes for backup.
    select MBOX file
  4. “Select Export Type” i.e. MBOX file format.
    click on backup
  5. Choose the destination path using Change and lastly, hit Start Backup.

The Bottom Line

In summary, we have explained the two methods to migrate Gmail to Apple Mail. A manual guide causes challenges for both professional and untrained eyes. Therefore, use the automated solution, one of the secure and reliable solutions to export the data of Gmail emails to Mac Mail.

FAQ Section

Q. How do I transfer my Gmail emails to Apple Mail?

Ans. Follow these steps to migrate Gmail to Apple Mail:-

  1. Launch PCVITA Gmail Backup Tool on your system.
  2. Enter the login details and hit Login.
  3. Select the necessary folders.
  4. Now, select file type > MBOX.
  5. Lastly, click on Start Backup.

Q Can I export Gmail emails with attachments to Apple Mail?

Ans. Using the aforementioned tool, users can export Gmail to Apple Mail with emails, attachments, contacts, etc.

Q Is there any limitation of software on a number of attempts in the day?

Ans. No, there is no such limitation, users can perform the process of data export for unlimited via using the licensed version of the software.


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