Configure POP3 Profile in Outlook

See the Easier Steps to Easily Configure New Profile in Outlook with POP3

In this blog, we will explain you how to configure new profile in Outlook using POP3. A mail profile is a combination of account, data files & settings that Outlook uses to remember where your emails are stored. A new profile is created whenever you run Outlook for the first time.

You may have multiple profiles to keep your two sets of data separate or would like to create separate profiles for your work and personal life or other such scenarios. Perform the following steps to configure new profile in Outlook with POP3.

Follow Guidelines to Configure New POP3 Profile in Outlook

Step 1: Go to Control Panel. Select Mail Icon. "Mail-Setup -Outlook" window will appear.

Step 2: Click on Show Profiles button.

mail setup

Step 3: The screen shows a Different Profiles or a Default Profile configured on your machine. You can also create New Profile, for this click on Add button.

preview currently profiles

Step 4: Now give a desired Profile Name. Click on Ok button.

profile name

Step 5: In Next Window, Check the option "Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types" and Click on Next Button.

auto account setup

Step 6: Select "Internet E-mail" as your email service. Click on Next Button.

choose email server

Step 7: Fill all required information or you can give any dummy email account address ( and a dummy POP3 incoming/outgoing mail server ( as given below. Click on More Settings button.

internet email settings

Step 8: In General Tab, you may wish to enter a different reply E-mail address. If not, then leave the same address. Click on Ok Button.

general settings

Step 9: Click on the Advanced tab. In this tab, make sure your settings match the given Screen. Click OK. This will return you to your main settings window.

advanced settings

Step 10: All Settings are Saved Automatically. Click on Next button.

Step 11: Click on Finish button.

Step 12: As you return to this screen, Select the Profile (in this example we selected "TestProfile"). From the drop-down list select the same profile (i.e. TestProfile) and Click on Always Use this Profile option. Click on Ok button.

general settings

Final Words

You have successfully configured your new profile in Outlook with POP3. You should now have properly configured account.