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Import Yahoo! Contacts to Android – Step-by-Step Guide

Bella Blackwell | Modified: 2021-01-15T10:02:46+00:00

Summary: This blog will explain how you can import Yahoo! Contacts to Android in just 3 simple steps. You will be given a step-by-step procedure here along with a user query for you to understand the situation well. Also, the reasons to export from Yahoo will also be discussed. Let’s start covering the topics.

Why would someone want to transfer contacts from Yahoo! account to Android? Well, there is a user query for your better understanding. Find it in the following section.

User Query – I have been working as a marketing intern since 2 years in a college and I was told to create a database of 3,500 people which I had saved in my Yahoo! account. I had to get these emails to my chief of sales who, apparently, just wanted the database and didn’t really care how I collected it all. I have no clue how to get all these contacts from my Yahoo! mail in my hand. Can anybody please help me?

There are many more users like these who have similar or such queries. Let’s check out how to solve their issues.

How to Import Yahoo! Contacts to Android?

Here, we have an easy process for you to undergo the export procedure which can be completed in 3 steps. These steps include the following:

1. Saving Contacts from Yahoo!
2. Converting Contacts to VCF
3. Uploading Resultant Files to Android

Now, find how these work in details.

Stages to Transfer Contacts from Yahoo! Account to Android

Stage 1 – Saving Contacts from Yahoo!

Here, you have to follow the steps given below to learn the process:

1. Go to your “Yahoo! Mail account” and log in to it. Hit the “Contacts” icon.
2. Select the “…” icon and from there, choose Export CSV option.
3. Now, look for a destination location for the result and click on Save.
4. Your Yahoo! contacts will be saved in a .csv file on your desired location.

After this, move to the second step of the procedure.

Stage 2 – Converting Contacts to VCF

In this stage, you will be needing an application to import Yahoo! contacts to Android. You can use the tool to convert convert Excel Contacts to VCF in batch mode.

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This software will help you preview all the rows and columns along with the data stored in the file. It is compatible with the Operating Systems for Windows 10 and below versions.

Pay Attention: If you want to perform the procedure on the Mac OS, you should download the CSV Contacts to VCF Converter on Mac.

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Let’s find out how it helps with the process:

1. Download the tool and click on the Browse button to choose the CSV file you want to convert.


2. When you see the preview of your data, hit Next.


3. Match the contacts fields on both side and hit Next once completed.


4. Choose vCard 2.1 Version and mark the checkbox against Allow to Import Empty Email Addresses option.


5. Press Convert to complete the second stage of the process to transfer contacts from Yahoo! account to Android.


Once, the process is finished, you will be prompted if you want to open the folder. Hit Yes, and directly go to the location where your files have been saved at.

Now, let’s move onto the next and the last stage of this process.

Stage 3 – Uploading Resultant Files to Android

Following steps of this stage will help you to complete the procedure of moving your Yahoo! contacts:

1. First of all, you have to connect your Android to your local device through USB cable.
2. Import the converted files to your mobile to start the process to import Yahoo! contacts to Android.
3. Now, hit the Android App Drawer icon and choose Contacts.


4. Select the Three Vertical Dots and from the list, choose Import from .vcf file option.


5. Now, browse to the location to save the resultant file and add it.
6. After that, you will see a message on your screen that the contacts have been imported.
7. Wait for the import to compete.
8. As soon as the contacts are imported, you will see that the contacts imported are now in sync with your Android contacts.

The process has now been completed and all your Yahoo! Contacts are now in sync with your Android contacts so you can access them anytime without any troubles.

Ending Point

You can transfer contacts from Yahoo! Account to Android for any reason but the major reason is that you cannot always access the contacts saved in your Yahoo! Account.

Once you have synchronized your contacts from Yahoo! to your Android, you will be able to connect with any of your Yahoo! contacts anywhere and at any time.