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PDF Bates Numbering Software is an easy-to-use utility that provides the facility to add page numbers to PDF files. This bates stamping facility can process multiple PDF files through batch process. PDF page numbering technique is a crucial method that allows users to perform indexing of legal files for quick identification & retrieval of pages.

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  • Allow to insert page number in PDF files in batch
  • Capable to generate bates number for the combination of PDF files
  • Adobe Acrobat is NOT needed for adding page numbers to PDF files
  • Various formatting options to label bates number in PDF document
  • Provides option to keep or remove security on output PDF files
  • Add page numbers to PDF documents along with Prefix or Suffix
  • Set number of digits you want in bates stamp and set increment value
  • Facility to add confidential / aditional text with the stamp
  • Provides option to Add current date along with the page number
  • Set Font Size (8 to 72) & Font Color (120+ shades)
  • Position PDF page number in left/ middle/ right of Top/ Bottom
  • Advance Settings to either maintain same number or continue series for all files
  • Previews PDF Page before generating output

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pdf file page numbering

Add Bates Stamp to PDF

The software can insert page numbers to multiple PDF files in different modes. For this, the utility offers two options to upload a .pdf document i.e., Add File (s) and Add Folder. With the help of Add Folder option, users can add more than one PDF document and insert bates to it. This PDF Page Numbering tool also provides two options i.e. Move Up & Move Down inorder to arrange the order of the PDF files.

option to add bates numbers to pdf

Options to Insert PDF Bates

The PDF Bates Stamping tool allows the user to include serial indexing in PDF documents through multiple modes. They are:

  • Simply Insert page numbers to PDF file (01, 02, 03, 04)
  • Generate bates stamp based on the combination of PDF file to PDF Pages (01-01, 01-02,...02-01, 02-02....03-01, 03-02,....)
  • Option to insert bates numbers on PDF document & print it

insert page numbers in pdf

PDF Bates Numbering Format

The PDF Page Stamping software is built with a strong algorithm that allows to add page numbers to PDF using different features:

  • Insert prefix or suffix along with PDF page number
  • Choose Number of Digits that would in bates stamp
  • Option to provide the start number for bates number
  • Availability of Increment By feature
  • Provides multiple options to set Font Size & Font Color

add more info

Facility to Include More Information

The PDF page numberer tool has some dynamic features that allow users to add bates stamps to PDF. Apart from the Prefix and Suffix, the user can add some additional information during the PDF bates stamping process.

  • Additional Text: Add sensitive content about the individual PDF.
  • Position Additional Text: Set a location of the text on the page such as Top left or right, Bottom left or right.

set position to add bates numbers to pdf

Position Page Number on PDF

Along with the facility to add page numbers to PDF, the software some interesting features for efficient bates stamping. Some functions given for PDF Bates numbering shown below:

  • Same Page Number on PDF: Keep same bates stamp on each page of the PDF file.
  • Current Date Stamp: Add current date on the top right side of PDF document.
  • Continuous Page Numbering: Insert Numbers in all PDF files in continuous series.

file naming in pdf bates stampped files

Option to Select PDF File Name

The PDF Bates stamp tool offers two naming convention options to download the resultant PDF file on the system.

  • Retain Original File Name: This file convention will save the page numbered PDF file in its original file name.
  • First Bates Number: This option saves the PDF file with starting bates stamp number.

customize bates stamping in pdf

Customize PDF Bates Stamping

While inserting page numbers in PDF documents, the software provides an option to include font size as per convenience. Additionally, one can modify the font color of bates stamp. With the help of this feature, users can emphasize PDF page number and it will look more notable on PDF pages.

insert bates stamp in PDF

Previews Bates Stamp on PDF Page

This PDF Page numberer utility allows you to see the previw of the PDF page with the customised bates stamp. You can check it from the preview section and decide whether you want to continue or go back to the settings and again do the bates number customization according to your needs.

PDF Page Numberer Software Specification
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Software Download

Size : 29.3 MB

Version : 5.0

Trial Limitations

Demo version will add page number to PDF files with a Watermark.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 4 GB RAM is required

Intel® Pentium 2 GHz processor (x86, x64) or equivalent

Operating System

Windows 7/8/8.1/10, 2008/2012 , Windows 11 (64-bit)

Product Guides


  • Launch the Tool as "Run as Administrator" for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or below version

Supported Editions

Win 10 & All Below Windows Versions



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Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Add PDF File & Folder
Insert Page Numbers in PDF without Acrobat
Generate Page Number for File Series
Customize and Position Page Numbers on PDF
Previews PDF Page With Bates Stamp
Support Windows 10 & below versions
Add Page Numbers to PDF Files Watermark Added
Cost FREE $249

Frequently Asked Questions
Questions and Answers To Add Page Numbers to PDF

How do I add page numbers to PDF file with the help of this PDF Page Numberer Software?

Steps to Add Page Numbers to PDF Documents

Insert page number to PDF file

  1. Step 1: Download and Install PDF Page Numberer.
  2. Step 2: Select PDF files to insert Bates number.
  3. Step 3: Enter Bates details for page numbering in PDF.
  4. Step 4: Click on Generate to add bates numbers to PDF.
Yes, this PDF page numberer software can insert bates on multiple PDF documents in one go for easy identification of files.
No, the software add page numbers to PDF files without altering the content and formatting. Moreover, with this advanced utility user can apply page numbers to PDF without any data loss.
Yes, users can easily include a disclaimer or another text on individual PDF pages with the help of this PDF page numberer tool. In fact, the text location can also be set according to the need.
No, the PDF Bate stamp tool is a standalone application that does not require any other program for executing its functionality. Users can easily add page numbers to PDF documents even in the absence of Acrobat application efficiently.

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