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Migrate Public Folder to SharePoint

Comprehensive Data Migration from Exchange Public Folders! Fulfill Your Need to Migrate Public Folder to SharePoint 2010, 2007 and 2003!

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Incorporate an automated application to centralize Exchange Public Folder assets for increasing collaboration over SharePoint. PCVITA Express Migrator for SharePoint – an application logically designed to cross all barriers & integrally migrate Public Folder to SharePoint.

In an intuitive & analytical interface commence moving Public Folder to SharePoint thereby reducing burden from local production environments. Leverage Exchange Public Folder to SharePoint migration to seamlessly consolidate enterprise-wide content comprising all file permissions. Boost-up documents/files collaboration by integrating centralized management over SharePoint.

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Windows 10, 8

Product Guide    System Requirements

Functions to Export Public Folder to SharePoint

Key Features

In Bulk Upload All Exchange Public Folder Entities

With full-fidelity copy shared folders (multiple), subfolders, mail-enabled public folders, share files, public folder documents and database.

Export & Save Folders Sequentially & Optionally Create New

Save the parent-child associations among all Shared folders & their child-folders then subjectively move public folder to SharePoint. Additional, overprovision is to create new document library or folders at destination site.

Configurable Automated Character Mapping

Software avails pre-defined mapping for illegal characters with option to configure & add more. Software can notify & replace illegal characters (@ $ % ) (! ~, {[}];:"'<,>.?/\|) with '_' then copy public folder to SharePoint 2010 to 2003.

Transfer All Exchange Permissions

Passively convert public folder to SharePoint 2007, 2010 & 2003 with all permission. Primarily client Permissions (Write, Delete, Read, Ownership, Create Item, Synchronize etc) & Administrative Permissions (Admin ACL, Retention, Replica, Expiry, Quotas etc).

Advanced Data Monitoring by Status Reports

Migrate Exchange public folder to SharePoint with a detailed status report overview from where a keen data monitoring can be done. Get informed with pending data, uploaded data, error reports.

Flexibly Map & Add More Meta Fields for Email & Contacts

Leverage more control over migration with flexibility to map existing meta fields for email & contacts. Availing an option to add more meta fields including creation & modification time, subject, BCC, CC, type, address etc.

Technical Summary to Connect Exchange Public Folder to SharePoint Server

Microsoft Exchange Server Editions Supported:
Import database & documents from Exchange server 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 & older Versions including 5.5 & 5.0.

SharePoint Versions:
The application is compatible with all versions of SharePoint & Convert Public Folder to SharePoint 2010, 2003 and SharePoint 2003 versions.

Destination Components: Upload exchange server components to SharePoint lists, sites, document library and folders.

Full Windows OS Support: Move public folder content to SharePoint in all Windows Operating supported versions. Switch database residing over Windows XP, Windows NT, ME, Windows 7, Vista and all other version of Windows.

Apply Data Filters to Migrate Exchange public folder to SharePoint Server

Overwrite Existing Data: Apply this filter to automatically update the older content lying in SharePoint with fresh content by overwriting is correctly & without in data tampering.

Maintain Dates: Move file in SharePoint by saving their exact creation and modification dates.

Pre-define Maximum File Size: Users can limit the file size by setting maximum file size and then successively move folder in SharePoint consisting multiple files of varied sizes.

Exclude File with Particular Extensions: Migrate documents to SharePoint of selected type only, as more controlled conversions is acquired by defining the file extensions that should not be uploaded.

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