Split Outlook PST by Size

Microsoft Outlook being a personal information manager contains email messages, contacts, calendars, etc. eventually leading upto bulk of data stored in Outlook PST file. Large sized PST file delivers slow Outlook speed and become corrupt. To avoid this slow experience and corruption, the "Outlook Split PST File" tool provides "Split by Size" option to split Outlook PST by size in appropriate size ranges.

Methods to Split Outlook PST File by Size

"PCVITA" software provides you an option to Split Outlook PST file by size. With the help of this option you can split Outlook PST by size in a specific range, i.e. 256 MB to 4 GB. Suppose, you have a .pst file larger than 2 GB, then by selecting the option 512 MB, this tool creates four 4 sub-PST files.

Top Features of Split Outlook PST by Size Tool

1. Split Contacts of PST: Emails contain contacts along with messages, split Outlook PST by size provides an option to split Outlook contacts group and split two Outlook address books within the provided size limit.

2. Separate PST File Calendars: The tool is capable of splitting duplicate meetings calendars and separate two appointments in an Outlook calendar within a specific size range.

3. Split Active / Archive PST: Users can specify size limit and split the emails that have been archived or corrupted. The tool to split Outlook PST file by size provides an option to exclude deleted items from getting cut.

4. Splitting of Password Protected Files: Splitting password protected Outlook PST file is also possible with this tool. It supports files from size 5MB to 48GB. The tool works well with Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013 and other versions.

5. No File Size Limitation: Users can load file of any size to split Outlook PST by size as the tool applies no boundation on the file size being imported in the tool.

6. Exclude Deleted Items: The software offers a feature to exclude the mails that have been deleted. It is completely user's choice to either exclude or include the deleted mails when splitting by size.

Steps to Split Outlook PST File by Size

STEP 1: Install and Run PCVITA Split Outlook PST by Size Tool

Split Outlook PST File By Size

STEP 2: Choose the Required Split Option: Split by Size

Split Option: Size

STEP 3: Specify the Size to Split Outlook PST File by Size

Enter File Size

STEP 4: The Tool will Split the File and Generate a Live Report.

Split Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers on How to Split Outlook PST File by Size

Can I split ANSI PST file by size with the help of this tool?

Yes, this software provides facility to split ANSI as well a UNICODE Outlook PST files by size. Users have to simply load the file in the tool and apply size range to cut the file.

Yes, it is completely possible to split Outlook PST by size that have been protected by passwords. User has to enter appropriate password associated with the PST in order to cut it.
Yes, when splitting the Outlook PST file by size, the metadata such as cc, bcc, etc. remains intact throughout the process.