Watch Working Steps of Express Migrator for Office 365 (File System Edition)

Follow simplified steps & get to know how to migrate file system into Office 365. Watch the working preview of the software to learn the migration steps. See the detailed working of software.

  1. Download & Install Express Migrator for Office 365 (File System). Click on Start >> Programs >> Express Migrator for Office 365 (File System) >> Click on Express Migrator for Office 365 (File System). Enter Job Title >> Description >> Click on Next.

  2. Click on Add Files or Add Folder to add new files

  3. Open Window: select files to be migrated >> Click Open

  4. Preview Window: Get view of all selected files & folder in software window. If you need to remove files or folder then click on Remove button. Click Next.

  5. Filters Window: Apply data filters on selected files or folder. Click Next

    • Overwrite Existing File: User can overwrite existing file with newly updated file
    • Maintain Dates: Retain Actual Created & Modified Dates with Files
    • Maximum File Size: Set the file size to be uploaded
    • Maintain Folder Hierarchy: Maintain multi-level folder hierarchy
    • Create Root Folder: Create new root folder for folders to be uploaded
    • File Type Filter: Add files types and select Include these file type (files to be migrated) or Exclude these file type (file types not to be migrated)
    • Date Filter: Select Created or Modified Date range from which user need to migrate files
  6. Login Window: Enter Office 365 User name & Password. Click Connect

  7. SharePoint Modules Display: View SharePoint documents libraries & folder hierarchy display. Optionally user can create new folder / document library or user can select existing one. To create new Right Click in left pane >> Create/Delete Folder or Create/Delete Document Library. Click Next

  8. Permissions Window: Inherit permissions either from Office 365 or from File System or user can create custom permission.

  9. Update File Properties: You can update file properties and also can add new column or delete existing.

  10. Job Summary Window: Summarize entire job details and click Start Migrations.

  11. Current Status Window: You can completely see currently running migration details.

  12. As soon as migration process finishes a confirmation window pops-up. Click Ok

  13. Job List Summary Report: You can view job list summary with details of the Job that are being completed.

  14. Close Window: Click yes to close the software window.

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