Watch Working Steps of Express Migrator for Google Apps (IMAP Edition)

Follow the screenshots in given sequence toe understand the workflow of the application. See the step by step information explained with the help of software screens. See the working of the Tool to Migrate IMAP into Google Apps account(s).

  1. Once done with installer installation. PCVITA Express Migrator for Google Apps will pops up the Domain Name Registration wizard. Fill your domain name (domain name must be a registered domain in Google Apps services). As shown below:

  2. The message box shows, whether the entered domain name has been validated or not:

  3. The options tab enables List, Migrate and Exit. Click on Migrate option to starts the migration wizard:

  4. In the Migrate wizard, enter your IMAP Server name (e.g. or It is highly recommended you must check SSL Connection option as given below:

  5. Significantly, the software enables bulk migration of users account at once. Besides, Choosing IMPORT CSV button is efficient for multiple user account migration job. Starts Add User account by filling Username(IMAP), Password (IMAP) and Username (Google Apps account), Password (Google Apps account). The below screenshot shows how to add multiple user account migration at once.

  6. Once done with the selection process, click on Export button to starts the migration job. The software will pops up Status Report IMAP window. As shown in the below screenshot.

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Working of IMAP Edition

Watch Screen shots to Understand Software Working