Exchange Mailbox Recovery Process – Made Simpler, Faster & Better

Introduction: the page is oriented towards recovery of Exchange mailboxes those are accidently deleted or corrupted. Which approach is better, either restore mailbox from Recovery Storage Group Exchange (RSG) or from EDB Converter?

Which Circumstances Forces to Recover Exchange Mailboxes?
Among most prominent issues, Exchange mailbox recovery has always been demanded by Exchange experts. The reasons can be following:

  1. Deletion of Exchange Mailbox: After accidental or planned deletion of Exchange mailboxes, admin might need to restore emails from deleted user accounts. At this situation, mailboxes are definitely required to be recovered.
  2. Dismounted Database (Mounted in RSG): In general cases, unused mailboxes are dismounted or may be mounted in Recovery Storage Group. Here, if mailboxes are kept in RSG then Exchange Mailbox Recovery commands are mandatory to run.

Download to immediately recover all user mailboxes from old and unmounted Exchange server by restoring all deleted folders from EDB files.


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What are the Most Optimal Ways to Restore Exchange Mailboxes?

  • Restore Deleted Items: Prior to recover deleted exchange mailbox admin must check if the mailbox is in Retention Period. If so, then use Exchange Management Console or use Exchange Management Shell to recover Exchange mailbox. Otherwise, EDB Converter software can capably handle the situations and completely recover deleted Exchange Mailbox items.
  • Restore Mailboxes Lying in Recovery Storage Group: Use "restore-mailbox" command to restore mailbox from recovery storage group exchange 2010, 2007 or 2003.
    1. Recover User Mailbox: Restore-Mailbox -identity 'new_server' -RSGDatabase 'RSG\mailbox database'

Deploy EDB Converter to Quickly Escape from PowerShell Mode:

EDB Converter presents a GUI mode to speedily, accurately and flexibly restore mailboxes. The process of Exchange Mailbox recovery is made extremely simple and less-time taking. Only few steps are required to recover deleted Exchange mailboxes or corrupted data or dismounted data items.

Follow Steps for Strong Exchange Mailbox Recovery:

  1. Download EDB Converter >> Install & Run
  2. Load EDB (corrupted or dismounted) >> Auto Scan & Recover EDB >> Display EDB Mailboxes in Tree Structure
  3. Select Desired Mailboxes >> Export to Outlook PST File
  4. Run New-MailboxImportRequest for Exchange 2010, Import-Mailbox for Exchange 2007 and Ex-Merge for Exchange 2003
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