Exchange Public Folder to Office 365 Migration - Security with Simplicity!

Exchange public folders facilitate an approach to gather, restructure & share information among multiple users with one-to-many relation. These are hierarchically organized & tend to save data in databases. Incorporate 100 % promising uptime & better work collaboration by moving Public Folders to Office 365. PCVITA Express Migrator for Office 365 suits best to organizational need. Software executes single-step highly secure Exchange Public Folder to Office 365 migration in bulk.

  • Upload Default (IPM_Subtree) & System (Non_IPM_Subtree) Public folders
  • Copy entire Public folder database to hosted SharePoint
  • Maintain Exchange Public Folder Structure & Default Permissions

Public folder can be mail enabled, making Exchange server heavily loaded with loads of data. Preventing server from crash or system failure user must migrate Exchange Public Folder to SharePoint online. Acquire 24x7 readily data access to Exchange documents, document library, mails, folders & subfolders.

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Starting @ 299 USD
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Features-Set for Adding Exchange Public folder to SharePoint online

  1. video to change legacy system

    Completely Import Exchange Public Folder Items
    Software migrates publically shared Folders, Sub-folders, Mailboxes, Appointments, Emails, Events, Contacts, To-do lists, Calendars, Tasks, Attachments etc.

  2. Maintain Folder Hierarchy + Create New Folder & Doc Library
    Migration utility retains exact folder & subfolder positioning i.e. true parent child relation is maintained. Also create/delete New Folder & Document Library

  3. Metadata Fields Mapping for Mails & Contacts
    User can map & add metadata fields (Subject, BCC, CC, Creation & Modification time, Type, Address) for emails and contacts both. Add mapping from one-to-one field or many-to-one.

  4. Character Mapping + Detailed Status Report
    Software is programmed with automatic character mapping & optionally user can also manually replace anonymous characters. Software yields detailed completed & pending status reports too while importing data.

  5. Transfer Exchange Public Folder Permissions:
    Application completely switches all Client Permissions (Read, Write, Delete, Take Ownership, Synchronize, Create Item, Synchronize etc). Also move Administrative permission (ModifyPublicFolderACL, Admin ACL, Deleted Item Retention, Expiry, Quotas, Replica, Information stores etc).

What User Says...

"Using PCVITA Express Migrator for 365 our organization is now able to utterly import Exchange database & permissions to online cloud services of Office 365 and got better sharing medium. Special Thanks to SUPPORT TEAM who helped me throughout."

- Thomas Crown

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