File System to Office 365 Migration – 100% Secure Migration Structure

Single step is required to improve your business quality with high profitability i.e. migrate file system to Office 365 cloud. Office 365 cloud enables highly secure & flexible online service to host your file network. Office 365 cloud services prove to be a key for easy management of huge mass of file share data. Talking in technical terms, Office 365 capably maximizes work efficiency by centralized administration. Why not leverage existing File Share System by doing file system to Office 365 migration.

PCVITA Express Migrator for Office365 upload network drive to online cloud services and sync entire documents with hosted SharePoint. Understanding approach of File System to Office 365 Migration Tool, strengthen business model by consolidating enterprise wide Shared drive data. Opt for a smarter approach and migrate file system to SharePoint online with whole data and permissions.

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file system to office 365 migration
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Captivating Features of File System to Hosted Sharepoint Migration Tool

  1. video to move shared drive Migrate Entire File System
    Users can move all kinds of file types, single file, multiple file, individual & multi-level folders, documents, database, entire disk, partial folders/files under disk. Also has facility to copy exact file permissions associated with data.

  2. Drag & Drop to Add Multiple Files & Folder
    Transfer files & folders with easy drag & drop features as well add multiple files to SharePoint domain in bulk at 1 button click. Shift loads of data quickly.

  3. Switch File Disk Data in Multiple User Account
    File System to Office 365 migration tool migrates data into many user accounts of SharePoint Online domain. Simple data entry in multiple accounts at 1 go.

  4. Add New Document Library, Folder & Meta-Columns
    Facility is to add or remove New Document Library and folder in destination location & upload data. User can add new metadata fields in file properties while doing File Share to Office 365 migration.

  5. Auto & Manual Character Mapping
    Easily map and replace anonymous characters acc to you prior to File System to SharePoint migration. Automated mapping support for: (" # % & * ; < > ? { | ~ . / : \) charecters. User can add more character mapping too.

  6. Move All File System Permissions Exactly
    Migrate file permission completely from file system to SharePoint online and user can too add SharePoint online permissions too. Migrate "Full Control", "Modify", "Read" & "Execute", "Read", "Write" and "Special Permissions".

What User Says...

It was impossible for me to tackle entire file system data migration to cloud of my company. Being a system administrator I had to find better solution for this. Then I opted for PCVITA software to migrate File system to Office 365 cloud.

- Elliy Maguire

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