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3 Epic Ways To Extract Attachments From Outlook Emails That You Haven’t Tried

Frosty Orange ~ Modified: March 24, 2022 ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Receiving several emails with multiple attachments becomes tedious when we have to save them one after the other. Yet, some simple hacks exist to extract attachments from Outlook emails at once.

Sending and receiving files through email is the most convenient way to share data files with other users. This makes the email tray permanent file storage and after some time it results in exceeded storage space issues. So, my question is do you often exchange data files with your clients or partners using Outlook? Does your correspondence include multiple attachments?

If your answer to these questions is Yes, then you also might think about optimizing the storage of your data files because these heavy attachments are making your Outlook sluggish. In this technical guide, we’re going to disclose some simple techniques to extract attachments from Outlook emails to folder in a single attempt.

#1. Expert Approach to Extract Attachments from Outlook Emails in Batch

With the help of Outlook Attachment Extractor, it lets users instantly extract attachments from Outlook emails and other data items in a hassle-free way. The best part of the software is that it permits users to extract attachments not only from PST files but also from OST, BAK, and MSG files. Moreover, it can extract attachments from Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 and below versions in bulk mode.

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Here are Some Versatile Features of the Software:

  • Developed to extract attachments from Outlook files such as PST, OST, MSG, and BAK files
  • Add single or bulk Outlook data files using Add File (s) & Add Folder
  • Facilitates option to extract attachments from selected folders or all folders
  • Option to extract attachment from selective Outlook mailbox items
  • Avail date filter option to save attachment from Outlook selectively
  • Offers option to extract attachments from Outlook emails by specifying the file size
  • Option to include/exclude Outlook attachments by its file type
  • Avail various naming conventions to save detached attachments
  • Support all the versions of Outlook & Windows operating system

Simple Steps to Extract Attachments from PST File

  • Step 1Run PST Attachment Extractor and Add PST files
  • Step 2: Choose relevant folder hierarchy Options
  • Step 3: Set Attachment Filters: File Type, Date-Range & Size
  • Step 4: Click Extract to start extracting attachments from PST

This tool is also available for Mac system:

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  • First of all, download & launch the software. Then, choose Auto Locate MS Outlook Default Storage Location option.

  • Choose the Destination location to save the attachment.



  • From the next wizard, make use of various customized filters such as option to extract attachments from selective data items, date-filter, naming conventions, etc. Availing these options will help to extract attachments from Outlook emails


  • After which you apply all the advanced settings, simply click the Extract button as shown in the below image.


  • Finally, at the mentioned folder path, all the extracted attachments will be placed.

#2. Extract Attachments From Outlook Inbox

Microsoft Outlook provides an option to extract and save all the attachments from a single Outlook email. Below is how you can save multiple attachments from Outlook:

Note: This method is applicable to extract attachments from a single Outlook email at once.
  • Launch Outlook application and open a specific email that comprises multiple attachments
  • Select and hit a right-click on an attachment. Select Save All Attachments option

extract outlook attachments

  • Hit the OK button and browse a destination location for output attachments. Click OK

#3. Use Rule To Extract Attachments From Outlook Emails to Folder

  • Launch VBA IDE in Microsoft Outlook via pressing Alt+F11 keys to extract attachments from multiple Outlook emails

extract all outlook attachment

  • In the left side of screen, expand the screen until you get Modules section and enter the following code in the Modules section
Note: If there’s no Module item within Modules, you can create one by hitting a right click on Modules or just click on Insert >> Module
  • Paste the following script in main VBA window
Public Sub saveAttachtoDisk (itm As Outlook.MailItem)
Dim objAtt As Outlook.Attachment
Dim saveFolder As String
saveFolder = "c:\temp\"
For Each objAtt In itm.Attachments
objAtt.SaveAsFile saveFolder & "\" & objAtt.DisplayName
Set objAtt = Nothing
End Sub
  • Quit VBA IDE window so that you can extract attachments from multiple emails Outlook 2016
  • Now, you need to create a Rule that will call this script. For this, click on Tools >> Rules and Alerts >> New Rule…

outlook extract attachment

  • In new wizard, click on ‘Check messages when they arrive’ option to resolve how to extract attachments from Outlook emails in multiple emails issue
  • You can define the criteria that the messages must watch. Use ‘with specific words in the message header’ and ‘.txt’ option to search the string for saving text files only
  • Choose ‘run a script’ and click on ‘script

  • Hit the Finish button. Send a new email with multiple attachments to your Outlook account and check if the rule is working to extract attachments from multiple emails Outlook 2010

extract all outlook attachments

Receiving two or more emails with same file name can overwrite the previous one. You can use the following code with ‘dim’ to prevent this situation:

Dim dateFormat
dateFormat = Format(Now, "yyyy-mm-dd H-mm")

After that, replace ‘objAtt.SaveAsFile‘ with following code line:

objAtt.SaveAsFile saveFolder & "\" & dateFormat & objAtt.DisplayName

In order to extract attachments from Outlook emails inbox to a certain folder type, use following code within ‘For Each’ loop rather than above code:

if InStr(objAtt.DisplayName, '.xml') Then
objAtt.SaveAsFile saveFolder & "\" & objAtt.DisplayName
end if
Recommendation – Refer these guides if you’re unable to open Outlook attachment or encountering Out of Memory or System Resources Outlook error.

Wrapping Things Up!

How to extract attachments from Outlook in multiple emails? This is a very common question searched by several MS Outlook users on a daily basis. Considering this, we’ve come up with this write up. Here, we’ve talked about different methods to extract attachments from Outlook emails in a single go. So, from now extracting attachments from Outlook application will be no more a complex task for users.

Frequently Asked Questions By the Users

  • How to save attachments from multiple emails in Outlook 2010?

When there are bulk Outlook emails or PST files, opting for the automated solution is the recommended option. With Outlook Attachment Extractor software, easily extract attachments from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 & all the below versions.

  • Is it possible to download picture attachments from Outlook email?

Yes. The software is designed to extract Outlook attachments, regardless of the file format in a hassle-free way.

  • How to download more than 2 attachments from Outlook at one time?

Using the aforementioned manual method, it is not feasible to extract all attachments at a time. For that, it is suggested to avail the trustworthy third-party solution as mentioned in this write-up.

  • Is it possible to extract attachments from Outlook OST file?

Yes. Using the feature-rich software mentioned above, one can flawlessly extract OST file attachments without facing any technical glitches. It is capable enough to save attachments from PST, OST, MSG, OLK, OLM  & BAK files.