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Migrate Email to G Suite Via Best Methods Solution

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On December 24th, 2021
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A complete guide with a step-by-step solution to migrate email to G Suite in few steps. 

Why Migrate to G Suite?

After the initial launch of G Suite many organization opt for G Suite and today even today many organization wishes to migration over it. In this guide, we will explain the best methods to migrate emails to G Suite platform from most of the other emailing platforms.

No matter whether you are using a desktop-based email client or already using some other cloud platform, we will explain to you how you can transfer your complete organization user’s data to your new G Suite accounts. Let’s see what are the most common scenarios, migrate to G Suite from:

  • Outlook
  • Office 365
  • G Suite

Methods to Migrate Email to G Suite User Accounts

There are multiple cloud platforms from where an organization prefers to migrate to G Suite. It can be Office 365, or even G Suite. Let’s consider each one by one and see how to perform each operation.

  • Office 365 to G Suite: If you wish to migrate your organization user’s accounts from Office 365 to G Suite platform then you can perform this task by using Data Migration Service. This method can be quite tricky for some organizations, as it requires good knowledge of both Office 365 and G Suite platforms. There is also an alternative method, which is a professional tool, these tools are designed by professionals for such types of complex migration tasks.
  • G Suite to G Suite Migration: In some scenarios, some organization looks for a method to migrate email from one G Suite account to another account/domain. The most common solution for such type of migration is the Google Data Migration Tool.
  • Migrate From Desktop-based Email Client to G Suite: Another common scenario is to migrate from desktop-based email client to G Suite. The most popular desktop-based email client is Outlook. There are two solutions for such purpose, either use GSSMO or use professional tools like Outlook to G Suite Migration Tool.

All-In-One Tool For Migration of Email G Suite

Instead of using the complex approach for migration, users can opt for professional tools. For all combinations of migration, use the automated  Migration tool. This single software can be used to migrate emails to G Suite without any hassle. Additionally, it provides various features such as Category, Date, and Incremental options for selective email migration.

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Migrate email to G Suite pre-requisites

Steps to Migrate Email to G Suite Platform

1. Download, Launch & Activate Migration Tool

Download For Windows      Download For Linux

2. Select Source platform and Destination platform as G Suite. 

3. Scroll-down to Workload section, Select Category of items need to be migrated.

4. Enter the Source cloud platform Admin Id, Application Id and Validate.

5. For Destination as G Suite, Enter Admin Id, Application Id and P12 file path.

6. Choose the Source and Destination user ID mapping option.

7. Select user accounts and Apply priority (optional)

8. Click on the Start Migration button to migrate email to G Suite accounts for all selected users.

Advance Feature of Professional Tool

  • Migrate email, contacts, calendar & documents to G Suite
  • Category & Date filter for selective data migration
  • Delta option to skip already migrate data between the same accounts
  • Multiple source & destination user id mapping option.
  • Generated a complete migration report after completion.
  • Stop migration button to terminate on-going migrations. 
  • Retry Failed, Re-Run Migration option to migrate failed/skipped items. 


In this guide, we have covered all the possible scenarios, which users look for the migration of emails to the G Suite account. No matter from which platform you want to migrate from, this detailed guide will cover all. To migrate email to G Suite account from any other emailing platform, we recommend using professional tools. These tools will take the burden of complex migration tasks on itself and provide safer and faster migration experience.



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