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Can PST Files be Merged? – Know the Top Solution Here

Frosty Orange ~ Published: June 22, 2021 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

If you are searching for an answer to the query, can PST files be merged? Then this article will give you the complete solution to your request. Here, we are going to introduce you to the best, easy and safe method to merge PST files into one file.

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What is PST File?

PST is known as Portable Storage Table, used in the Outlook application. PST file stores email messages, contacts, calendars and other Outlook data. It can be easily exported and imported into Outlook.

Why do PST files need to be merged?

There can be many reasons for Outlook PST file merging. Some of them are:

  • To overcome Outlook performance and corruption issues.
  • Manage and handle multiple PST files into one place.
  • To import a PST file into Outlook by merging them into one PST file.
  • To manage several Outlook same name folders into one.

Suggested Solution of Can PST Files be Merged

Yes, you can merge multiple PST files using the expert recommended PST Merger Tool. This utility helps you to manage large number of Outlook data files within in a few simple steps. It offers two options of data management, Join and Merge.

Join option allows you to joined different PST files into one by creating a new folder. On the other hand, Merge option allows you to merge similar folders into a single folder. For example, single inbox, sentitems, etc.

In addition, it has three advanced options for joining and merging PST which are merge in a new PST, Existing PST or an Outlook Profile. You can choose any option that meets your needs.

Here are the Steps to Merge PST files into One:

First download the PST file merger and install it on your Windows 10, 8, or other below versions PC.

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Step 1. Launch the software and add PST files to merge.

add files

Step 2. Choose from Join and Merge.

merge pst

Step 3. Select folders and choose merge in existing PST, New PST or Outlook profile.

merge in existing file

Step 4. Select advanced options: date filter, split, remove duplicates, and others.

advance options

Step 5. Click on the Next button and merging process will start automatically. 

can pst files be merged solved

That’s it. This is the simple steps to answer your query “can PST files be merged”. You will receive a completion message on the software screen once the process is complete.

Key Features of Suggested Automated Tool

  • Easy to use even by a normal computer user.
  • Helps to merge ANSI and UNICODE PST.
  • Supports to combine archive and password protected files.
  • Merge PST files without Outlook with merge in new PST file option.
  • Option to remove duplicate Outlook emails, contacts, etc.
  • Facility to split PST according to desired size in MB or GB.
  • Compatible with all PST files created by Outlook 2019, 2016, 201, 2010, etc.
  • Merge Outlook folders into one without losing information.

Manual Guide to Merge Outlook PST Files into One

Before discussing about the manual method, let us clear that Outlook does not have any inbuilt utility to merge multiple PST files. However, some indirect techniques help you to complete this task. Manual approach has two parts, first you have to create a new blank PST file and then import your PST file into a newly created file.

Follow the steps below to achieve both the parts.

Step 1. Open your Outlook application and click on New Items.

Step 2. Select More Items and then choose Outlook Data File.

Step 3. Choose the location to save the new PST file.

Step 4. Name the file and click OK.

Step 5. Now, again open Outlook and go to File Tab from top.

Step 6. Click on Open & Export >> Import/Export.

Step 7. Select “Import from another program or file” and click next.

Step 8. Select “Outlook data File” and hit on next button.

Step 9. Browse the PST file you want to import.

Step 10. Choose “Do Not Import Duplicates” under Options if needed.

Step 11. Select the folder to import from and include subfolder.

Step 12. Now, click the Finish button for importing PST.

Why Manual Method Not Suggested?

Well, the manual technique discussed above is completely free. But wait, there are some limitations. The whole manual process is not straightforward and too tedious. If you want to merge multiple Outlook data files, you will need to import each PST file into a newly created file. That makes your task tedious and time consuming. Also, there may be data loss when performing the manual steps above.

Author Suggestion

Hope you get the answer to “Can PST files be merged” question. Here we have shared the best and proven solution that can help you merge multiple Outlook PST files into one. The manual method is quite difficult, so it is recommended that you use an automatic tool. It offers you a simple and safe solution.

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