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How Do I Change from GPT to MBR in Windows 10?

Bella Blackwell ~ Published: November 1, 2018 ~ 4 Minutes Reading
“Hello, I was using SSD because of its efficiency and now I want to convert GPT to MBR. I have tried many options like:
Diskpart: tried booting in Windows 10 installation using Diskpart but got an error message “The specified disk is not convertible”.
Windows Disk Management: This is showing option to convert to only dynamic disk.
Both the solution is not working for me. I do not know how do I change from GPT to MBR. Please provide me a suitable solution.”

Does the above query seem similar to you? Do you want to convert GPT to MBR? Just follow the blog and get the 2 most efficient methods to change from GPT to Master Boot Record (MBR).

How Do I Change from GPT to MBR in Windows 10 Manually?

There are 2 manual solution which you can use to do the GUID Partition Table into MBR.

  1. Convert GPT to Master Record Table Using Disk Management
  2. Change GPT to MBR Using CMD

Convert From GPT to MBR using Disk Management

This method can be applied to Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and other below versions. Disk Management is a inbuilt utility provided by Microsoft to manage low level corruption and space.

Go to the following instructions to get your work done.

    • Launch your Windows ( any version )
    • Go to the “Start” pane on the desktop
    • Type “Control Panel”. A new window will appear
    • Now, select “Administrative Tools” from the option provided
    • Hit on the “Computer Management” choice
    • Go to the Storage from the left menu. After that click on “Disk Management”
    • Select the partition from each disk which you want to change from GPT to MBR

Note: You have to delete all the partitions which are created before the converting process

  • For doing so, go to the “Delete Volume” option and unallocate the space from each partition of the entire disk
  • Now, right click on your disk and hit on the “Convert to MBR Disk” alternative
  • Leave the “Disk Management” when the process is completed. Now, use the disk to create new partitions

Change From GPT to MBR using CMD

Use the Diskpart technique which can be easily executed using Command Line or Command Prompt

    • Step1. Go to the command prompt and type the “list volume” in the Diskpart command line prompt. This command will check the if there is any volume still unallocated in the GPT disk
    • Step2. Now, type “list disk” and press Enter. A list of all the disks will display on your screen. Just you need to remember which disk you want to change from GPT to MBR.
    • Step3. You have to type “Select disk 1” and finally enter “Enter” to select the disk.
    • Step4. Type “convert mbr” after opting for the disk and press Enter, it will convert the GPT disk into MBR disk.

Note: Conversion of GPT to MBR can only be done when the entire disk fully unallocated space. If the disk contains data, it is recommended to backup your data before changing from GPT to MBR. Otherwise, your data can get lost completely.

If you have already done the mistake and your data is corrupted, go for PCVITA Hard Disk Recovery and retrieve data from GPT.


this blog has resolved your query “How Do I Change from GPT to MBR in Windows 10”. But there are chances that your hard drive get corrupted. You can only convert GPT to Master Record Table ( MBR ) only when the hard disk is completely empty. Unallocate all the space and then reboot your hard disk drive. If there is any corruption, easily restore permanently deleted files from PC using the third party software as already discussed in the blog.