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How Can I Convert a JPG File to PDF? 2 Effortless Techniques

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On March 1st, 2022
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User Query: How can I convert a JPG file to PDF in a simple way where there are no technicalities involved? If anybody knows such a solution, please suggest something. It would really be appreciated if a tool is recommended without technical expertise involved.

Whenever a picture is saved on your mobile or computer, it is usually saved in the JPG format. A lot of you might want to convert these images to the universally accessible file format.

There are so many reasons for which you might want to create an export of the files after you convert JPG to PDF.

A PDF file can be required for legal matters since no other format is acceptable in the court. There could be proof in images or they might be important for a presentation for office work or any deal.

Since a PDF file can be sent over to any email client from any email service without any complications, it is the most preferred file format.

We will be explaining the methods to convert the pictures along with the reasons why you should use the cross-platform compatible file format.

How Can I Convert A JPG File to PDF in a Swift Manner?

For a swift transfer, you can use the Image to PDF Converter built by the experts to convert different types of image to the universally accessible file format.

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It is highly capable of exporting multiple images or in bulk and doesn’t make any difference to the content of the file. Also, high quality image is exported after the conversion.

Note: If you want to convert GIF to PDF or convert PNG to PDF, you can select the images with these file extensions and perform the the conversion.

There are various features to convert pictures wherein you can add passwords or restrictions to the files for protection.

Let’s start with the steps of the software.

Convert JPG to PDF Following the Steps of the Tool

1. Install the software and click on the Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) Surf for the files to add in the interface.

add file

2. Pick the desired location as the end path in the Change field and create a New Folder if required. Move to the Preview window to check if the files have been added correctly.

choose destination

3. Now, choose the export type as PDF in the Export Format section and select the radio button against Create PDF for Each Image or Create PDF for All Images.

images to pdf

4. Learn the answer for how can I convert a JPG file to PDF and choose the Add User Password or Add Restriction option to keep the files protected.

pdf password

5. Set the Margin for the page, Paper Orientation, and Page Size in the Page Layout Settings section.

page settings

6. Hit the Convert button to complete the procedure.

convert images to pdf

The software also allows an option to Print the files directly as given on the interface of the tool. If you want, you can apply the manual method for the same.

Manual Method to Convert Images to Universally Accessible Format

Follow the given steps to convert JPG to PDF manually:

  1. Select the picture that you want to convert and double-click on it. Choose the Open with option from the drop-down and select the Photos.
  2. Click on the Print option given on the upper-right corner of the window.
  3. Press the Printer option and from the drop-down menu, choose the Microsoft Print to PDF option.
  4. Press the Print button given at the bottom of the window. You will be redirected to the file explorer.
  5. Set a name for this file and click on the Save button to complete the procedure.

How Can I Convert a JPG File to PDF? The Need for it

  • If you have a PDF file, you can easily transfer the files to any email service from any client. There are no restrictions on which platform supports the format.
  • Only PDF format is accepted in the court for legal procedures.
  • You might need to add certain files in a PDF format in order to give a presentation in office.
  • There is an option to protect the files by adding user passwords or restrictions over the files.
  • Users Highly prefer to convert JPG to PDF because high-quality images can be compressed into relatively smaller sizes without the quality being messed up.
  • The formatting is kept the same and no changes are made in the content of the files after conversion.
  • Compatible with any operating system and device like Windows or Mac and phones, tablets, computers respectively.

That Would Be All

The information given in this blog is regarding the conversion of an image with .jpg extension to a file with .pdf extension. Various users ask how can I convert a JPG file to PDF for any of the aforementioned reasons.

With the help of the given methods, this operation can be performed easily and quickly. However, the manual solution might make certain mistakes during the process and mess up with the content if multiple images are added. The software, on the other hand, doesn’t make such mistakes & can be relied upon.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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