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How to Convert Excel to vCard Format? Top 2 Ways

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On December 20th, 2022
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Overview:- If you are here then you are searching for the best solution for convert Excel to vCard format? Here in this blog, we are discussing the solution how to convert XLS file to vCard. There is two solution that is mentioned in this blog, manual and automated. Go through both the solution and select as per the need.

We all know Excel is demanding software that saves all the data in tabular file format. Hence, most Excel users used this application to save crucial data like contacts and other accounting data. 

On the other hand, vCard is a virtual contacts file that is supported by most electronic devices like computers, phones, and tablets. Now, if you have saved your contacts in an Excel file and want to import them to any electronic device then you have to change its file format because many electronic devices like smartphones as well as email clients do not accept Excel file as a contact. 

So, to import Excel contacts to another device or email client we have to convert Excel file to vCard which we are going to explain in the below write-up. So keep reading. 

Approaches to Convert Excel to vCard File

There are two ways to Export Excel Contacts into vCard with all Details

Manual Solution to Convert Excel File to vCard

As we all know that Excel stores its data in XLS file format which is not supported in any email client. So In this section of the article, we are going to elaborate on the manual procedure for free users. This manual approach has 3 steps, where first we have to convert XLS files into CSV format and after that, we will proceed to the conversion process. 

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Part1: Convert Excel XLS File Into the CSV Format 

  • Open the selected Excel File which you want to convert

selected Excel File

  • Go to the File option from above and select Save As option

Select File option

  • Now, select the export type as CSV from the list and move to the next step

export type as CSV

  • And click on the Save button. 

Part 2: Import Contacts From CSV File Format 

  • Firstly, click Windows + R button together

commnd option

  • Now enter the command Contacts and hit the OK option. 
  • After this, select the Import option from the Ribbon Bar 

select the Import

  • Then, from the tab Import to windows contacts choose the CSV file format option and click on the Import button

choose the CSV file

  • Provide the destination where your CSV file is stored

Browse option

  • After mapping click on the Finish button.

click on the Finish button

Part 3: Export CSV Files to VCF Format 

  • After importing CSV files, click on the Export button

click on the Export button

  • Next, select the vCard file format

select the vCard file

  • Click the Export button and Browse the location on the save vCard files

Browse the location

  • In the end, click the OK option to end this complete process.

Limitations of Manual Procedure 

Yes, the manual solution is fully capable to complete this process but there are a few limitations that make this process so difficult and lengthy which makes a huge barrier. You can only convert one file at a single time, for example, if you want your 1000 contacts in vCard format then you have to repeat the complete process 1000 times. So to make your work easy and quick we are here with great solutions in the below paragraph. 

Automated Solution to Export Excel to vCard File

Export your Excel XLS files to vCard file format easily with the help of this expert-suggested Excel Contacts to VCF Converter Tool for easy and quick conversion. 

This utility will help you to convert your files in an easy manner. There is no need to convert Excel files into CSV you can directly import your XLS files into the vCard file format in a single go, also there is no file limit you can convert unlimited files in a single attempt. 

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Step by Step Guide to Convert Excel Contacts to vCard

  • Install the tool and select the Browse option to select the files

select the Browse

  • Hit on the Open Option to Choose MS Excel file

Click on Open Button

  • This tool will show a preview you all the files selected for you

show a preview

  • Match the Excel fields to the vCard fields

Match the Excel fields

  • In this step, select the vCard version as per the need

select the vCard version

  • Finally Press the Convert option and the process will be completed. 

Start the process

Final Words 

That’s it, guys! This is the ending of this informative blog, I hope you get the answers to your query. The automated method is quite an easy solution and you can opt to convert excel to vCard format. If you have limited files then you can implement the manual one other go for the professional one.