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Best Way to Convert TIFF File to APNG Format?

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On June 14th, 2022
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Summary:- Do you want to convert TIFF file to APNG? Are you one of those individuals who are searching for a solution to resolve this query? If yes, then you are at the perfect place where you supposed to be. Read this blog carefully to understand about the process.

One of the main reason why a user want to convert TIFF file to APNG format, is because it is a raster graphic file format. That also happens to be an unofficial PNG format. Therefore, there are various frames that represents an animation sequence in the APNG format.

Other than that, these files also supports 24-bit images and have 8 bit transparency. Also, this format is backward that works with non-animated GIF files. Not only that, it utilizes the same as the .png and can be accessed through chrome, Mozilla Firefox and many more.

These files are generally stored as binary files and it utilizes the specification of PNG format. In order to convert TIFF file to APNG, there are plethora of online converters available while surfing on the web. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that every method will be as useful because most of the users have many needs and preference which these methods does not support.

Factors Responsible for Converting TIFF file to APNG

    1. In case a user needs graphics along with line art that includes sketches, drawings, comics, or animations. Then, the APNG format is ideal for users like you.
    1. Also, the quality of the image will not suffer any loss of detail or anything during or even after the compression.
    2. This format is useful for pictures that features line art including illustrations, sketches, comics and animations.
    3. Moreover, the image quality will be well maintained even after the compression.
    4. It can also handle multiple of digital pictures, such as graphics and images.
    1. Furthermore, this APNG file format is ideal for modifying pictures that too without sacrificing its quality during the compression procedure. That makes it perfect for archiving and editing.

Reliable Solution to Change TIFF to APNG File Format

The only method to resolve this query is by using the Expert solution. Since there is no manual method available on the internet. That is why we highly recommend using the Smart Image Converter Software to convert TIFF file to APNG format. This utility provides plenty of export formats by which they can their TIFF files into. Also, the quality of image will be retain during and even after the conversion procedure. Moreover, this tool works smoothly on all the versions of Windows OS.

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Working Procedure to Convert TIFF Files to APNG Format

1. Install and Launch this application on your operating system.

install tiff to apng converter

2. After that, choose either Add File or Add Folder(s) option to browse your TIFF files.

choose add files or folder option to add your images.

3. You can also view your files before the operation and then click on the Next option.

next option

4. Then, choose APNG as your export format from the drop down list.

choose apng

5. Users can also resize their images by simply changing the Set Height or Set Width of pixels.

resize apng images

6. Now, Hit on the Convert option to start the operation.

convert tiff to apng

What are the Benefits of Using these Application?

  1. This software however allows users to convert TIFF files to APNG format. Along with that, users can also easily convert JPG to J2K format and Image to JP2 and other export formats as well.
  2. Also, with the help of this tool users can convert their pictures in bulk without having to worry about losing the quality of the image. As this utility maintains the quality of the image during and throughout the procedure.
  3. With the help of this utility, users can also preview their files before the conversion procedure. The Preview function of this application allows users to view their images separately even before the operation.
  4. Moreover, the Resize option of this software allows users to rearrange the size of their images by changing the Set Height or Se Width of the pixels.
  5. Nonetheless, this application works smoothly with all the versions of Windows OS. Despite of which version the user is using to convert TIFF file to APNG format. It also supports the current and prior versions of Windows operating system.

There you Have it

This write up explains how users to convert TIFF file to APNG. Apart from this, we have also discussed main reasons behind this conversion procedure. Since there is manual method available to resolve this query, so the only way left is to utilize an Automated solution.

Well, we have briefly described an Expert recommended solution for you right above in this article. You can change your pictures into multiple export format with the help of this application. Also, there is also 100% guarantee that you will get accurate & satisfactory results with this tool.