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Download Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive Without Losing Any Data

Lindsey Smith ~ Published: January 21, 2021 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: There are cases where you might lose your data due to hacking or ransomware attacks leading. This can be avoided if you take backup for your email clients such as Gmail, Hotmail etc. Today, we will be explaining how you can download Hotmail emails to Hard Drive for backup., formerly known as Hotmail, is the oldest email service which is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The possibility of you losing all your data beyond repair is less but never zero. This is why it is always necessary to take a backup of your data using the best technology.

As we all know that emails play an important role in our daily life, business deals, etc. here, you will learn how to save emails from Hotmail to hard drive. It is not hidden that there have been a large number of cases where users have completely lost their emails data from Hotmail account. Believe it or not, there is always going to be a risk of that making it a necessity to have a backup to be on the safer side.

You will find the best methods to export your data and save it on your hard drive (external or internal).

Tricks to Download Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive

Here are two methods that can be used to perform the backup process. These solutions include the following:

Directly go to the solutions by clicking here:

1. Copy and Paste Data
2. Smart Solution to Take Backup

The first one is the simplest method which almost everybody is aware of but it may not be ideal in some cases.

The second solution, on the other hand, is the one that can be used by the troubles users to get the best of results. Let’s find out how.

Technique 1 – How to Save Emails from Hotmail to Hard Drive Manually?

This solution will help users get answers by copying the emails and pasting them to the local system. All you have to do is open the email you want to save, select the text from that email and hit ctrl + C to copy the selected text.

After that, open a Word document and paste the text there by clicking ctrl + V. This file can later be moved to a hard drive via USB cable.

Easy enough? Well, it is easy but only if you want to save a few email files. If you want to learn how to save emails from Hotmail to Hard Drive in bulk, this may not be a suitable solution.

Why? One, you will have to copy and paste each email separately. Two, it will take a lot of time and become a lengthy process. Three, you might miss out some files from so many emails making it complicated rather than easy.

To export email messages in bulk, you can go for the next solution.

Technique 2 – Learn the Process to Download Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive Using the Smart Solution

If you need to perform bulk exportation of your emails, you might not be able to find any successful method to help you out. There is always one thing or the other making it a complicated process to download the messages.

You can do the necessary by using the Hotmail Backup Tool and download the associated attachments along with the selected emails. This software offers users the option to save their emails data in various file formats such as Outlook PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, and MSG.

The wizard has quite a few amazing features that make the process to download Hotmail emails to hard drive a little more easier to understand. Following pointers are the major features offered:

  • Facility of Selective Migration using the Date-Based Filter
  • It is possible to backup emails from Single or Multiple Hotmail Accounts
  • Maintain the Folder Structure even after downloading the email data
  • Offers an option to Pause and Resume the process to manage it
  • This application is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, and below versions

Now, how does it help with the backup process? Check out below.

Smart Tool Answers How to Save Emails from Hotmail to Hard Drive

The steps to perform the exportation process are discussed here:

1. Download the software, enter the credentials for Hotmail account and hit Login.


2. Choose the export type as PST and hit Browse to Make new folder and click on OK.


3. Select the Delete After Download option and hit Yes when prompted.


4. Choose the Apply Filter option, choose the folders you want to save and apply Date-Range for selective migration (if required).


5. End the process by pressing the Start button.


This is how you can save the email messages to hard drive without any hassles. The option for Incremental Backup is in case you have already taken backup of your messages and want to download newly received ones.

There You Have It!

Those who have been looking for solutions to download Hotmail emails to Hard Drive must have found it difficult to get any successful solution. The manual method as mentioned helps users who want to save only fewer emails, say around 10-15, but not for bulk.

It is suggested that you use the expert solution that we have explained above to get the most satisfying results and make sure the data is safe during and after the backup process.