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How to Extract All Files from PDF Portfolio in Batch?

Sherry James ~ Published: November 26, 2022 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

A PDF Portfolio contains multiple documents assembled into an integrated PDF unit. There are several types of files present in it. It’s just like any other PDF document with multiple files embedded into it. It includes spreadsheets, zip / rar files, PowerPoint presentations, CAD drawings, PDFs, email messages, etc. However, at certain times it is required to extract all files from PDF portfolio.

Therefore, considering this we come up with this write-up and presented the best way to extract documents from PDF portfolio in batches. But, before that let us know the advantages PDF portfolio.

Benefits of PDF Portfolios

  • The PDF Portfolios are great when multiple files need to be kept together for distribution or archiving purposes.
  • It is the best way to create a dynamic presentation of related files & it is easier to send as a single document.
  • They are mainly used for storing emails exported from Microsoft Outlook.
  • The convenience of printing or sharing one file is easy than sharing bulk documents.
  • PDF Portfolios can be secured with a password to prevent any unauthorized access.

Some User Scenarios

“Recently, I received some PDF portfolios & now I need to extract all embedded attachments from it & save them in a separate folder. But, I don’t know how to extract files from Adobe PDF portfolios in the most reliable manner. Please suggest me a simple and smart way to implement this task. Thanks in Advance!

“Hello everyone, can anyone help in suggesting the best utility that can extract files from PDF portfolio in bulk. I am having several PDF portfolios that contain .xlsx file. I need to extract them on an urgent basis. Please recommend any best utility for this extraction process.”

Using Instant Method to Extract All Files From PDF Portfolio

PDF Extractor is the most advanced program that helps users to extract documents from PDF portfolio or any other PDF documents. With this reliable program save any kind of attachments, inline images, text, bookmarks, rich media, comments, highlighted text, hyperlinks and metadata from PDF files. Users can also extract selective files from PDF portfolios. The tool gives several filter options for it and also it automatically extract data from PDF files.

Filter options contain choices like file type and file size, which users can specify and extract only desired files. The tool is available for both Windows as well as for Mac Operating systems. If you extract all files from PDF portfolios, you will get all the documents in their original folder tree structure.

Another unique feature of the software is “Apply Page Settings“. With this option, users can extract images from PDF documents and text by All pages, even pages, odd pages, page numbers, and page ranges. Moreover,  provides support to extract attachments from PDF portfolios that are restricted or password-protected.

Tool Availability

Demo Version: With the trial version of the tool users can extract each item from the first 5 PDF files. Also, the tool will add the watermark in the case of image to PDF extraction.

Full Version: This version of the tool has no limitation on the number of PDF files to be processed. Users can easily extract embedded files from PDF portfolio in batch. Moreover, the tool will not add any watermark in the case of image to PDF file extraction.

User can also refer this article if they want to extract multiple PDF text using Mac OS.

Steps to Extract All Files From PDF Portfolio

The user has to follow these simple steps to extract attachments from PDF portfolio:

  • Download, install, and launch the software on your system.

extract all files from pdf portfolio

  • Click on Add Files / Add Folder option to add PDF Portfolio files.

add files

  • Click the Change button to browse the destination location.


  • Select the Item type as “Portfolio/Attachment” from the given options.
  • Apply “Filters” of size or file type if required.


  • Then, click on the “Extract” button to extract documents from PDF portfolio.


  • “The PDF Files are Extracted Successfully” message will be displayed.

extract all files from pdf portfolio

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Time to Conclude

Sometimes, the user needs to extract all files from PDF portfolio so that they can save or use them for any purpose like reviewing, uploading, or any other. Thus, to deal with such situations, we have explained an automated utility that can extract documents from PDF portfolios in the best ways. Users can try this application without any worry as there are no formatting & data loss issues.


Q1: Does the software allows to extract files from PDF portfolio which are secured?

Yes, the tool has the facility to extract files from a secured PDF portfolio.

Q2: Can I use this tool on Mac OS?

Yes, the tool is available for Mac OS Catalina current and old versions to get the files from the PDF portfolio

Q3: Does the tool impose any limitations on file size?

No, the software does not have any restrictions on the size of the file. You can insert multiple PDF files.