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Export GoDaddy Email to Outlook – Move Data Without Any Loss

Lindsey Smith ~ Modified: July 22, 2022 ~ 6 Minutes Reading

You will find several methods to export GoDaddy email to Outlook but most of them are either too complicated or too slow for a novice user to perform.

Everybody knows that GoDaddy is a web-based email service whereas Outlook is a desktop application which is a product of Microsoft generally used to backup data.

The fact that data saved on cloud is not entirely safe is also not hidden and various users prefer keeping their data safe on the local storage.

For locally saving a backup, Outlook is said to be the best email client.

Hence, users prefer to export email from GoDaddy to Outlook. But the question remains: How can the data be exported without any failure and in bulk?

The answer stands easy and strong; with the help of a professional solution.

Now, the reasons for which the data should be transferred are:

  • avoid getting emails deleted by anonymous hackers
  • provide a second layer of protection
  • overcome the corruption errors due to virus attacks
  • use previous emails in case of ransomware attacks
  • eliminate the risk of losing emails permanently due to accidental deletion

To the methods!

What Methods Allow to Transfer Emails from GoDaddy to Outlook?

As read above, there is a professional method explained in this blog that can be used for transferring the data files to local storage.

Since certain users prefer implementing a manual and free method, we are going to explain the same procedure using Outlook’s Import/Export wizard as well.

There are going to be complications upon using the manual technique which is why we are not recommending it.

First we will be taking a look at the professional technique and explain the benefits of using it followed by the manual method & its drawbacks.

Export Email from GoDaddy to Outlook in the Professional Manner

With the help of the Professional IMAP Backup Tool for Mac, the data can easily be exported from mailboxes in bulk without the risk of failure or loss.

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This tool is designed with mechanisms that allow a user to export the emails from GoDaddy account and save it in not only Outlook data file format, but in various formats as well.

You can choose from PDF, EML, MSG, MBOX, HTML, TXT, & other formats to export the data.

Execute the given steps to learn the working of the software:

1. Run the tool to move email from GoDaddy to Outlook and provide the details for your account. Hit Login.



2. Now, choose the PST option from the given Export Types and click on the Advance Settings button to use the filters.


3. In the Split PST option, set the size of the file after which you want to divide it into smaller parts. Set the dates in the Date-filter to pick up emails from a specific period of time.


4. You can mark the Maintain Folder Hierarchy & Delete after Download options during the export email from GoDaddy to Outlook process if the need arises. Choose the Change button to pick the destination location for the output files.


5. At last, click on the Start Backup button to finish up the backup operation.


Wait for a few minutes so that the procedure is completed. It will not take more than a few little while. Once the data is transferred, you can access these files in Outlook easily.

There are various advantages of using this software that are mentioned in the section later. Let’s first complete the main objective using the manual method now.

Tip: If there is a need to import Outlook Calendar to GoDaddy, that can easily be done from here.

Manual Method to Export GoDaddy Email to Outlook

For the manual method to work, you first need to configure your email account with Microsoft Outlook application.

Make sure you follow the configuration steps carefully for a successful export of emails. Otherwise, the procedure will be stuck in between or cause errors during the export.

After completing the configuration steps, wait for the data to be synced and then follow the given steps:

1. Launch Outlook application and go to the File tab.

2. From the menu that appears, choose the Open & Export option and navigate to Import/Export to export email from GoDaddy to Outlook.


3. After that, click on the Export to a file from the Import/Export Wizard.


4. Then, choose the Outlook data file (.pst) option and hit Next.


5. Browse for the destination of the file and mark the option to deal with the duplicates.


6. Press the Finish button to end the procedure.

Note: If you want to export GoDaddy Email to Office 365, you can simple import the Outlook data file in your Office 365 account and get the procedure done in minutes.

Limitations of the Manual Method for the Export

  • Even though this is a direct way to export the data, it creates errors while moving large files and damages them.
  • Takes up a lot of time to transfer GoDaddy email to Outlook & becomes lengthy & tedious if there is more than one mailbox.
  • You need a bit of prior technical expertise to execute this technique.
  • If the configuration settings are not performed carefully, you will face errors during the transfer.
  • There is no guarantee that the files will be kept in the same hierarchy or there will be no risk of loss or corruption.
  • No specific time is given for the transfer, it could take from hours to days to complete.

What Makes the Software a Better Option to Export Email from GoDaddy to Outlook?

There are so many benefits of using the software such as:

  • Various export types like PDF, EML, MSG, MBOX, EMLX, PST, etc.
  • Date-Filter for selective data backup from a specific time-period
  • Newly arrived data backup only via Incremental Backup feature
  • Delete after Download option to free up space in the mailbox
  • Several Naming Convention options to rename the messages
  • Option to Split large Outlook data files into desired MB or GB size
  • Compatible with all the Mac OS versions from 10.8 to version 11 & above

Short Note

You can easily export GoDaddy email to Outlook and create a backup on your local storage for whatever reason there may be. The methods explained above are both useful but the experts do not recommend the manual one for bulk export.

The professional tool provides various benefits which you can make use of without fearing that the data might be lost or corrupted. Make your choice depending upon the requirements you need fulfilled.