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Learn How to Decrypt PDF Files Protected with User Passwords

Sherry James ~ Modified: 20-Dec-2021 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

It’s been seen that many times users are searching for “how to decrypt encrypted PDF documents”. Either it is a Window or Mac user, everyone is facing issues with encrypted PDF files. Basically, PDF files are encrypted with password security it could be either user level or owner level. With the user level security, the file is restricted to open until n unless the correct password is entered. Also, with the owner level security the file is secured for print, copy, edit, etc. Now, in this blog, we will be focusing on how to decrypt PDF files protected with user passwords. Thus, to get the complete information about it, go through this write-up and learn the entire process to decrypt secured PDF file.

What is the Need to Decrypt Protected PDF Files

There are many reasons due to which it is required to remove password encryption from PDF documents. These are as follows:

  • It is not possible to remember the security password of each document for a lifetime. Therefore, in such cases, the best solution will be is to remove password from PDF.
  • It is not possible to copy, print, or edit the PDF document without entering the correct password.
  • It becomes a time-consuming task to enter the password again and again for opening the PDF file.
  • Sometimes people don’t want to share the password for the PDF document due to some privacy concerns.

User Scenario Demanding to Decrypt PDF Files Protected with User Passwords

Query: “Recently, I switched to Mac OS X from Windows operating system. However, I am having some password protected files from which I need to remove encryption. It becomes necessary for me to remove password encryption from PDF files urgently. Does anyone know how can I decrypt multiple PDF files on Mac machine? Also, what if I want to remove permission password from PDF documents?”

Solution: Don’t bother. You can easily batch decrypt protected PDF files step by step. There is a perfect solution available to decrypt PDF files protected with user passwords. We have explained it in the below section. So, go through it & understand it more clearly.

Decrypt Protected Adobe Acrobat PDF Files on Windows

If anyone wants to remove password encryption from PDF documents without following too many steps, then this is the best solution.

Do you know, how?

Just download the PDF Restriction Remover Tool from the official page or you can download it from the below link:

Download Purchase Now

  • As the software is downloaded open it & click the Unlock button
  • Click on the Browse button to add the encrypted PDF document
  • Choose the specific PDF file and click on the Open button
  • Now, the tool will load the file & display all restrictions
  • Enter the destination location for the resultant document
  • Now, to begin the process user has to click “Unlock PDF” button
  • Now, enter the user password for the PDF document
  • Once, the password is entered click the OK button
  • Now, open the PDF file without entering any password

How to Remove Password Encryption from PDF on Mac

For Mac users also we have provided an application named as PDF Restriction Remover for Mac. With this program, users can batch decrypt PDF files protected with user passwords. Now, follow these steps carefully to carry-out the process.

Download the software from here:

Download Purchase Now

  • Launch and run it on mac machine
  • Select either Add File or Add Folder option & load PDF file
  • Enter the user password of the PDF files
  • Now, the user has to click the Unlock button to start the procedure
  • The confirmation message gets displayed to the user
  • Now, you have successfully decrypt protected PDF files

After following the above steps users can open the file without entering the password


By reading this article you can know how to decrypt PDF files protected with user passwords. Individual steps are provided for both Windows as well as for Mac users. According to me these steps as really simple to follow as they don’t require any technical knowledge to be followed. So, go use these applications and remove encryption from PDF document.