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OneDrive Business Migration Tool



  • Migrates OneDrive Data Files and Documents to Another OneDrive Account
  • Move Office 365 OneDrive for Business Data Items via Admin Account
  • Allows Migration of Permissions and Documents to Another OneDrive Account
  • Transfer Selective Data from OneDrive to Another OneDrive Using Date-Filter
  • Migrate Multiple OneDrive Accounts Simultaneously via Concurrent Migration
  • Delta Migration Allows Users to Transfer Newly Arrived Data with Ease
  • Generates Migration Report in CSV Format with All the Export Details
  • Provides Option to Stop and Start OneDrive for Business Migration Process
  • Set Priority for Users to Transfer their Data First Using Priority Based Migration
  • Compatible with Windows 10 (64-bit) & Windows Server 2012 / 2016

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Advance Option Offered in OneDrive for Business Migration Software

Advance Options

Option to Migrate Document Permissions

This advanced tool offers a wide range of features that allows users to perform the migration task easily. One such feature is the option to migrate Document Permissions as well that is assigned to the Documents. You can check or uncheck this option under Workload Selection. You can also perform group mapping while implementing migration job.

Highlighted Features of OneDrive Migration Tool

Advance Features of OneDrive to OneDrive Migration Software to Migrate Data Quickly

entire OneDrive account

Secure OneDrive to OneDrive Migration

With Office 365 OneDrive Migration tool, users can easily copy his/her data from primary OneDrive account to secondary OneDrive account. One can easily move all the crucial data stored in Microsoft OneDrive that includes Photos, Audio, Video, Doc files, PDFs etc. from one account to another with 100% security. Moreover, the software makes sure that the data integrity is preserved.

OneDrive Admin Migration

Batch OneDrive Migration via Admin Account

Users can migrate data from OneDrive for Business accounts in bulk using this software via Admin account. You just need to enter the Admin ID and Application ID (check steps in Specifications section) and validate them. Once the validation is completed, you can fetch or import users into tool, map them with the respective mailboxes and carry out the task.

source and destination user

Options to Map Source & Destination User ID

The OneDrive Migrator tool provides multiple options while migrating data from OneDrive to OneDrive for business migration:

  • Fetch Users: This option will get all the user accounts created in the Admin account.
  • Import CSV: Users can also import a CSV file containing all the source and destination users.
  • Download Template: This button will provide you a template file in which you can mention the source ande destination users.


Customize OneDrive Migration Task

OneDrive data migration application offers multiple options to transfer data between OneDrive accounts as per the user’s choice:

  • Migrate Permissions: With this option, the user can move permissions from Source ID to Destination ID.
  • Date-Filter: This option allows the user to move OneDrive data from a specific date-range.

No Account Size Limitation

No Account Size Limitation

This OneDrive for Business Migration Tool does not enforce any account size limitation while performing migration. This is one of the most useful features as transferring data from large sized accounts can be critical. So, the software makes sure that all your crucial data gets exported to the destination account without any data loss.

Stop & Start Migration

Option to Stop & Start OneDrive Migration

The OneDrive migration tool provides stop and start options for the user to handle the ongoing process as per the user needs. Users can easily stop the ongoing migration process and can start it later. This feature helps users in scenarios when they make any mistake and want to stop the process immediately.

OneDrive to OneDrive Migration Tool – Specifications

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Software Download

Size : 167 MB

Version : 5.9

Trial Limitations

The free trial version of the application enables users to transfer data of 2 Users only from Microsoft OneDrive to OneDrive account.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Requires around 500 MB for installation & at least 5GB of free space to store data

8 GB of RAM is recommended

2.2GHz Processor is recommended

Pre Requisites

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 – For Windows
  • Destination User(s) should be already created at destination Admin account.

Operating System

Windows 2012, 2016 Server & Windows 10 (64-bit).



Electronic Delivery


OneDrive for Business Migration Tool – Feature Comparison

Detailed Overview of Software to Migrate OneDrive Data from One Tenant to Another

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Migrate OneDrive files to OneDrive Completely
Preserves Folder Structure of Mailbox
Category & Date Based Filters
Batch / Concurrent Migration
Selected User Accounts Migration
Delta Migration
Compatible with Windows & Linux OS
Cost FREE $25
(5 Users)

Frequently Asked Questions

Queries Regarding OneDrive to OneDrive Migration Tool

How to migrate the data of OneDrive to another OneDrive account?

OneDrive to OneDrive migration tool

Working Steps of Tool are Mentioned Below:

  • Step 1. Download OneDrive for Business Migration Tool.
  • Step 2. Select Documents Checkbox Under Workload Selection.
  • Step 3. Enter Microsoft 365 Admin ID and Application ID.
  • Step 4. Create Mapping Between OneDrive for Business Accounts.
  • Step 5. Validate Permissions & Click on Start Button.
Yes, the OneDrive data migration tool provides date filter option using which the user can migrate selective OneDrive data according to a specific date range.
No, there is no security and data loss issues linked to this migration utility.
Yes, with the help of this utility, the user can fetch or import users using CSV file and map them with respective IDs. After that, the software will help them to perform transfer process in batch.
Yes, the user can easily stop the on-going migration process with the help of the Stop Migration button. Additionally, the user can easily Start the process again later if required.

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