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How to Open Google Takeout Files? – The Only Technique Known

Lindsey Smith | Modified: 2021-01-07T06:24:30+00:00

Many users need the answer to the question: How to open Google Takeout files? Well, we have answered it here in the simplest way possible.

Google Takeout, as we all know, is used to download all the data from Google. It takes the backup of these files to keep them safe in case any tragedy happens to any of the services offered by Google.

Well, Google doesn’t offer any way to open Google Takeout files. To access these files, you will have to use an application to do so.

There are no manual methods that are known to help you in such a case.

User Query – I downloaded my emails from Gmail using the Google Takeout utility. Soon after that, I deleted some of the mails from my mailbox. Along with these emails, I accidentally deleted some important mails as well. Now, I am not able to open my Google Takeout MBOX files. Is there anything someone could suggest?

We are here with the best solution for troubled users such as the one above.

Check Out How to Open Google Takeout Files

The files that are downloaded from Gmail using Google Takeout are in MBOX file format. Now, as mentioned above, you cannot open these files as it is not allowed by Google.

But, you can always use the MBOX Viewer Software to open such files. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS.

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It offers various great features such as viewing emails with attachments, reading MBX and MBS files, performing in-depth analysis, etc.

Let’s learn about the tool more closely for a clear picture of what it offers to the users.

Why You Should Choose this Tool to Open Google Takeout Files

Here, we have mentioned some of the features that the tool offers to make it easy for the users to open the files that they have downloaded from Google Takeout:

1. Open Emails with Attachments – It is possible for you to open the emails along with their respective attachments. This application gives the benefit of reviewing the attachments such as document, image, video, ppt, etc.

2. View Emails with Attributes – The emails are opened with the same formatting structure without any changes being made. You can be sure that your emails will have the same listed properties like: From, To, Subject, Received Data, Sent Date, and Size in bytes.

3. File and Folder Option – In this feature, users can choose to add the file/folder that they want to access. This can be done with the help of either of these options:

  • Choose File Option: This can help you to select a single MBOX file from your local computer at a time and view it.
  • Choose Folder Option: Here, you can choose the folder containing various Google Takeout files that you wish to open all at once.

4. No Limitations on File Size – There is no such limitation on the size of the file that you want to open. This wizard is capable enough to access large MBOX files and read them in batch mode. All the previewed files are scanned quickly along with proper formatting. The file size and the creation of the data is displayed by the tool when while reading the files.

That is about what the tool offers. Let’s find out how the tool works.

Learn How to Open Google Takeout Files Using the Wizard

Follow the steps to read the files easily:

1. Download the software and run it on your desktop. Click on the Add File option.

2. Select the MBOX File option to add the file from any email client and hit Next.

3. Click on the “” icon to choose the desired MBOX file and press Open.

4. Choose the Process button to complete the process.

If you want to Extract, Print, and Convert the files, you can choose the Upgrade to Pro option.

Upgrade to Pro

Steps to Open Google Takeout Files in Gmail Again

If you have these files downloaded in your local computer and want to import them back to your Gmail account, that can be done in two easy steps.

For the first step, you will have to perform the conversion of your downloaded files to Outlook supported file using the tool to convert MBOX to PST.

Once, that is done, you can follow the steps as mentioned in the tool for Outlook Migration to Gmail and move all the resultant files to your Gmail account without any hindrances.

That Would Be It!

If you have also been stressed out about the resultant file that you have downloaded and are now not able to open, you can use the software as mentioned.

There are no such methods that can help you open Google Takeout files manually which is why we have answered this query with an easy-to-use tool.

It offers a good number of features along with a user-friendly interface to help those users who are not technocrats.