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How to Recover Data from Damaged Hard Disk – Various Tips and Tricks

Lindsey Smith ~ Modified: December 25, 2021 ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Find simple steps and learn how to recover data from damaged Hard Disk from this blog.

Here, we have all the tips that you will need to know while recovering your data from the hard drive.

It is now common that people keep more than one hard drive to keep their data in more than one places. This is meant to keep the data safe but what is not understood or taken under consideration is the risk that comes along.

Not only the external hard drives but internal hard disks are also not included. Any type of storage device is prone to get corrupted or damaged.

Here, you will understand what measures you can take to recover data from damaged Hard Disk. You can never rely on a Hard Disk for not stopping to work one day. You may witness a case where one day your Hard Drive is working fine and the next day you are not able to access it.

This can be annoying and confusing as you have no idea on what’s happening all of a sudden.

And of course, the data stored in your Hard Disk will make you stress over it so much that you start panicking.

We will help you get all your data back but for that, you need to first understand the ways that lead to the damage in Hard Drive.

If your computer can detect your drive when connected to it, that means the drive has been damaged due to logical failure (explained in the next section). This also means that the data can be recovered using the third-party tool. Learn what tool it is and how it helps.

Two Ways Leading to Raise How to Recover Data from Damaged Hard Disk Query

These two ways are crucial to be known as only these are what are causing damage to your Hard Disk. Learn these two reasons to have a better clarity.

1. Hard Disk being damaged due to Mechanical Failure

When there is something physically wrong with the hard drive, it means it has mechanically failed. Not only Platter-based or magnetic hard drives are usually prone to getting damaged, SSD’s can get corrupted too.

This could happen due to over usage for years, not handling the hard drive well or dropping it frequently, short-circuits inside it can cause a lot of damage. And the, users go looking for solutions to recover data from damaged Hard Disk.

When your Hard Drive stops working, you will start to understand as it will make clicking sound. Although, there wouldn’t be much that you could do in such a situation. You can only get your Hard Drive recovered from a data recovery centre.

But for the data, you can use the software to recover your damaged data before it is lost due to any reason.

2. Logical Failure Leading to Hard Disk Damage

If your Hard Drive is damaged due to a logical failure, it is far better than mechanical failure. This is because a logical failure is at the software end and there is still a lot that you can do. The following reasons cause logical failures that make users ask how to recover data from damaged Hard Disk:

  • Computer shutting down abruptly during a Hard Drive operation
  • Accidentally formatting or deleting data
  • Data Transfer being interrupted
  • Sudden Electrical Transient
  • Ejecting the Hard Disk Improperly

When the logical failure causes damage to the Hard Drive, it will not make any noise, but it will also not let you access the data or boot up. Now, learn how you can retrieve your data from the damaged Hard Drive.

Immediate Actions to be Taken to Recover Data from Damaged Hard Disk

Accidentally deleting data or Hard Drive failing will not do anything to your data, it doesn’t disappear. The data will stay in your Hard Drive and not removed, but it can be overwritten.

The data stored in your Hard Disk has its own dedicated space. In case of accidental formatting or deletion, or failed Hard Disk, your data is considered as “Fit for overwriting”.

In such a case of failure, you need to stop working on your Hard Drive as soon as you detect the changes. It doesn’t matter if you are using it or not, your computer will start overwriting your data eliminating the chance of data recovery.

If you want to know how to recover data from damaged Hard Disk, you need to save your data first. How? Shut down the computer which the Hard Drive is connected to and unplug it.

You will only be able to recover the data if you have it in the drive. Once it is overwritten, there is no going back and your data will be lost forever.

You can try one thing to check if your drive is still showing and i.e. by connecting it to another computer. If it shows, well and good, if not, you can use the third-party software to recover it.

Learn how to do that in the following section.

Recover Data from Damaged Hard Disk with Professional Help

It is possible to get the data back from a Hard Drive which is completely damaged. You just need the right type of software to do it.

Here, we have the accurate solution for it. The Hard Disk Recovery Tool is a professional tool to help you retrieve all the deleted data from a Hard Drive altogether. Recover the data from external and internal Hard Disk in bulk by choosing the files or folders.

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The wizard allows you to extract lost or corrupted data from GPT or MBR partition. Also, recover the data from IDE, EIDE, and SATA storage devices.

You can use this software in all Windows OS versions which is the best feature that it provides. Check out the video to understand how this application works.

There You Have It!

How to recover data from damaged Hard Drive has two ways causing it as mentioned. You can get your data recovered in case of a logical failure but not mechanical failure.

Take no risk with the data if it can still be recovered and use the tool as professional help for a successful recovery.