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Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Step By Step – A Comprehensive Solution

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On August 4th, 2023
Reading Time 8 Minutes Reading

Summary: Are you tired of performing manual data migration in Office 365? We are here to save your efforts! In this blog, we will be describing an automated solution for Office 365 tenant to tenant migration in step by step way. By which one can easily perform this transition, without any hassle. Just go through this,  you will get a productive solution for your query by the end of this blog.

At the current time, many organizations are adopting Office 365 cloud services. Sometimes, organizations have to manage multiple instances of Office 365 tenants in situations of mergers & acquisition scenarios. 

In addition to this, there could be a possibility of consolidating multiple Office 365 tenants into a single Office 365 tenant, to reduce the cost and complexity to manage multiple tenants. Here we will discuss the method in a detailed way, let’s start the procedure.

5 Quick Steps to Migrate Office 365 Tenant to Another

  • Step 1. Run the Software on your system.
  • Step 2. Set Source & Destination to Office 365. 
  • Step 3. Pick Required Mailbox Items & Set Filter.  
  • Step 4. Create Mapping & Validate Permissions. 
  • Step 5. Select User Accounts & Click on Start.

Step By Step Phases of Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration

This data transfer required planning before going ahead with migration. It will help to smoothly perform the migration. There are multiple phases involved, in the upcoming section. We are going to describe all phases in detail.

Pre-migration Planning:

This phase has an important role in Office 365 tenant to tenant migration step by step, we have to make sure which data need to migrate, full fill all prerequisites of the transition tool. Segregation of data will reduce the complexity of this migration.

Preparation of Source & Destination Tenants for Office 365 Tenant Migration:

The next step is tenant preparation, these steps include creating additional user mailboxes or space creating in the destination Office 365 tenant and increasing users’ licenses. Moreover, destination tenant preparation depends on the data of the source Office 365 tenant it would be performed manually from the Office 365 admin center.

Step 1. Domain Preparation:

Domain transfer is a must required & it is a complicated process. While migrating from one O365 tenant to another, we have to migrate the entire user’s data from the old tenant.  In the domain preparation process, we have to create a text record from DNS verification. It will take up to 72 hours.

Step 2. Account Preparation:

Before starting the migration, users account preparation is necessary. We have to create a CSV file in which we will enter all user’s email IDs that we are going to migrate into the destination tenant. This CSV file is used by third-party software.

Step 3. Disable Azure Active Directory Sync:

Active Directory Sync allows access to public folders, SharePoint & other resources. Before starting Office 365 tenant to tenant migration step by step, we have to disable the Azure active directory from the source tenant. This process will take 24 hours. Once AD DS is disabled from the portal, changes in Office 365 source will no longer sync to Office 365 organization.

Activities to Perform on Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Day

Some required activities to perform on data transition day are:

  1. Make sure to cease receiving any incoming emails for the Office 365 tenant.
  2. To migrate to the destination Office 365 tenants, you need to configure the source Office 365 tenant domain.
  3. Before migrating, make sure to confirm the domain of the source tenant on the destination tenant.
  4. Additionally, compile a list of users from the source Office 365 domain that you plan to migrate.

After doing all the pre-migration phases, we are ready to migrate data from Office 365 tenant to tenant.

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Let’s Perform Tenant to Tenant Migration within Office 365  

Many IT experts recommend using a professional tool for this type of data transfer, unfortunately, there is no such tool provided by Microsoft. Hence, in this situation, it is suggested to use Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Tool. As, this is an error-free, one-stop solution for this query.

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This utility has the capability to perform multiple types of data migration with maximum data protection and integrity. Moreover, it comes with a demo version, and users can avail themselves of it to verify the working performance of this utility.

The free demo can migrate for two user accounts, furthermore, migration users have to buy the full version of this utility.  Now, let’s discuss the step-by-step procedure for the same.

Using Tool Perform Microsoft 365 (Office 365) Tenant to Tenant Migration Step By Step

Step 1. Run the software and select Office 365 as a source, as a destination from the main screen.


Step 2. Select items that you want to migrate from the Workload selection such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and documents. You can also use the Date-filter option, for selective data transfer. Also, enable Migrate documents permission, Use the group mapping option for bulk user migration. Select the option according to your requirements. Then click on Next.

Step 3. Now, enter the source Admin Email and Application ID, then click on the Validate button to validate permissions in order to perform Office 365 tenant to tenant migration step by step.

Step 4. Once, the software validates the permissions. Then, Click on Next.

Step 5. Now, enter the destination Admin ID and Application ID, then click on Next.

Step 6. After the permission validation, click on the Next button.

Step 7. We have to create a mapping between Office 365 source users and destination users, to do this tool provides three options – Fetch users, Import users, and Download template. Select any of these options to perform tenant to tenant migration in Office 365.

Step 8. Now, mapping is successfully done. Click on the Validate button and proceed to the next step.

Step 9. After permission validation, click on the Start Migration button to perform tenant to tenant migration in O365 step by step.

As migration is completed, now you can log in to the destination Office 365 tenant to access old tenant data.

User Testimonial

Very Helpful for any Office 365 Migration Needs

This is really a great tool for Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration requirements. It really simplifies the task of migration and migrates all mailbox items such as email, contact, calendar, task, and document with attributes of data and maintains data folder hierarchy.

So, What are the pros of this software?

Fast & cost-efficient, high performing, and also comes with useful setting options, prioritize migration facility, and much more. Moreover, the simple GUI of this software makes the whole process like breeze. 

Final Words

Office 365 migration between tenants can be pretty tedious work if we use the conventional manual approach. Not everyone has enough technical knowledge to execute PowerShell scripts to perform the same. However, it can become an easy task, if we use the right approach for it.

Hence, understanding the challenges faced by users, we have come up with a smart solution to perform data migration easily in O365. Using the above-mentioned tool, one can easily perform Office 365 tenant to tenant migration step by step, with 100% data security and integrity throughout the process.

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How to Ensure a Successful Migration?

In order to have a smooth and successful migration, it is essential to adhere to best practices that can help reduce the chances of any risks, disruptions, or loss of data. Here are some key practices for a successful Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration:

  • Thorough Planning and Documentation
  • To minimize unnecessary clutter during migration, it’s recommended to tidy up and arrange data in the source tenant.
  • Select the migration method that best suits the requirements of your organization, taking into consideration factors such as data size and complexity.
  • It’s important to conduct test migrations of small-sized data in a controlled environment. It will help you identify and resolve any potential issues before the actual migration takes place.
  • Before starting the migration process, make sure to create a backup of essential data. With its you can avoid any potential data loss in case of unexpected problems.
  • Continuously monitor the migration process to ensure data integrity and timely completion.
  • Work with experienced experts and tried-and-tested software products for a safe migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this software export the user’s Office 365 account to another O365 domain?
Yes, this utility can easily migrate data from the user account to another O365 domain.

Does this software provide any date filter for selective email data migration?
Yes, this software comes with various smart filters for email, contacts, calendars, and Tasks. Which allows users to migrate selective data between the Office 365 tenants.

Can we transfer Office 365 users’ account data based on priority between O365 tenants?
Yes, this amazing software allows users to perform priority-based migration.

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