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What could drive one’s enterprise cost, security and storage services effectively minimal. Might be your query amongst others? Innovatively, the IT giant Microsoft Inc. unleashed the dominated products Microsoft SharePoint 2010, a cloud based technology. Though, Google Inc. services i.e. Google Apps that in fact bound to extend limitation of files migrate-able to Google Apps cloud services. Seamlessly, to start the processes i.e. file migration SharePoint immensely; you must require having the right solution besides. Pick PCVITA Express Migrator for SharePoint for the entire migration of your application as well as file system into SharePoint cloud service. Download the free trial version for testing and evaluation purposes.

Try the Trial Version: As a Microsoft Partner, you must require having the right tool to accomplish in an instant. Download the free installer of file migration SharePoint tools i.e. PCVITA Express Migrator for SharePoint for testing and evaluation purposes, with a functionality of 7 days working.

For the full migration of file system to SharePoint Cloud storage, you must require buying the license key online now. Purchase now with the best at $999.00 only.

How SharePoint file share migration?: SharePoint file share migration is done by just simple steps to date. As of now, SharePoint Migration tools seem rare though, Microsoft Inc. itself unleashed the tools to migrate the entire file system to SharePoint cloud services. But, indeed need high technical skills perhaps to configure while to get rid of all functional modules as well. So, why not pick up the simplest solution now? The simplest solution while flexible that consistently accomplish all file system migrates at instant is PCVITA Express Migrator for SharePoint. Download and start get rid of file migration SharePoint process. For any assistance or queries, contact PCVITA Software technical experts or customer care available over 24x7 online.

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Why Choose PCVITA Express Migrator?

  • » Migrates single or multiple file system to SharePoint document library
  • » Securely maintain the Meta information of the migrates data
  • » Microsoft BPOS, Office 365 and SharePoint Online services being supported
  • » Provides an error detection while correction mechanism

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