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Upload or Import PST Calendar to Office 365 – Efficiently

Published By Ashwani
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On March 29th, 2024

If you have an orphaned PST or ICS file and want to import the calendar appointments, and meetings into an Office 365 account, then read this blog till the end. Here’s a complete workaround for how to import PST calendar to Office 365.”

Using Calendars at the workplace simplifies the monitoring of upcoming events, meetings, appointments, etc. Businesses are using the Calendar at an alarming rate to organize their day-to-day routine. The sharing of the Calendar to another user is also an easy task. In the current scenario, Outlook is the first choice for personal and professional users. It stores all the data such as emails, contacts, and others in the PST file format. But what if there is a need to add PST Calendar to Office 365? So, stick to this article and find the answer to this question now.

How to Import PST Calendar into Outlook 365?

There is no direct method to import the calendar of the .pst file to OWA online. Thus, there is a need for an indirect approach to accomplish the same. Firstly, get the ICS file from Outlook. Later it can be imported to Office 365. The following method is classified into two phases.

Stage 1: Convert Outlook Supported PST File to ICS Format

To change the Outlook file into .ics format, perform the following steps:

  1. From Outlook, select the Calendar option from the left corner.
  2. Go to My Calendar and choose the specific calendar events.
  3. Click on File >> Save As.
  4. Browse the iCalendar file from the location where you saved it.
  5. After that, input the file name and select the format from Save as Type.
  6. Next, select the radio button next to the Save Selected Appointment or Save Calendar option. You can also go to the More Options… button to get more information.
  7. Finally, choose the Save button to export Outlook Calendar to ICS file. Follow the next section to import PST calendar to Office 365.

Stage 2: Time to Add ICS to Outlook 365 Account

After performing the above steps, ensure you have saved the PST calendar in ICS format locally. Now, you need to transfer this file to Outlook 365. To do so, perform the given below steps:

  1. At first, log in to the Office 365 account by entering all the valid credentials.
  2. Then, go to the navigation pane and select the Calendar icon.
  3. Choose the Add Calendar option from the file on the toolbar.
  4. Now, Hit on the Browse button select the .ics file, and select the Open button.
  5. In the next step, go to the Calendar drop-down menu and choose the calendar you want to import.
  6. Finally, hit the Save button to end the process.

The Most Reliable Way to Import PST Calendar to Office 365 

The above-discussed manual method can import ICS or PST calendar to Office 365 account. But, it has some limitations as it requires a long time and strong technical knowledge. Hence, users are looking for a trouble-free and ingenious solution to import PST to Exchange Online. In this case, the Office 365 Import Tool is very beneficial because it can add PST to Office 365 within a few clicks. 

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Import PST to Office 365 Step-By-Step

Step 1. Download and install the tool. Select Outlook and Office 365 as the Source and destination.

Note:- If you want to add ICS to Outlook 365, then choose File System as the Source, and the rest steps are the same.

Source & Destination

Step 2. Tick the checkbox of the Calendar and other required items. Apply the Date filter for the selection of data.

Workload Items and Set Date Filter

Step 3. Provide and Validate the location of the PST file in the Source Window.

Source files-validated

Step 4. Complete the credentials of the Destination Office 365 account.

Destination Credentials Validated

Step 5. Fetch the users into the tool. Map with the destination users.

users Tab

Step 6. Finally, hit on the Start Import button to import PST Calendar to Office 365.

Start Import

You can also go with another solution for importing Outlook PST file calendars to Office 365 account directly, i.e.; Microsoft Office 365 Restore Tool. It is a utility that directly moves PST data into the desired O365 account without losing any single bit. The user interface of both software is straightforward to understand by every user. It is compatible with every version of Microsoft Outlook and Windows operating system.

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Wrapping Up

Calendars play a vital role in the user’s life. Sometimes, Outlook users need to migrate their calendar files to Office 365. Thus, we have discussed a solution in which first, users can convert their Outlook calendar into .ics format. Afterward, they can directly import the ICS file into Office 365. But, this method is quite lengthy and tiresome. Hence, an alternate reliable solution to import PST calendar to Office 365 is also discussed in this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there any way to directly import multiple ICS files to Office 365?

Ans – Unfortunately, it is not possible with the manual method. You can use the above-mentioned tool to add ICS to Outlook 365 with the below steps:-

  • Step 1. Download and Run the tool. Choose both platforms.
  • Step 2. Select Calendar and use the Date filter.
  • Step 3. Complete the Source and Destination credentials.
  • Step 4. Load the users and Start Import.

Q2. What are the different data stores in the Office 365 PST files?

Ans – PST files support emails, contacts, calendars, and other data as well.

Q3. Do we need to have strong technical expertise to operate the automated tool?

Ans – No, you do need to need to be a techy person. Even non-tech users can also execute the steps of the automated tool.

Q4. Will the events and appointments be organized after the importing process?

Ans – Yes, all the data remain intact as per the originality.