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Share Lotus Notes – Secure to Google Apps Services

What mostly interrupting the continuity of your enterprise communication platform? Else, what makes the barrier over your enterprise promotional growth? Running IBM Lotus Notes for email client’s as a communication platform. Yes, simple is the solution to cut-off the barrier instantly by now. As a Google partner, you might run Google Apps services for the cut costs and flexibilities as well. Why not switch to Google Apps cloud services? Though, that completely saves the resources cost, genuine security, storage services and flexible works as well.
To get started to Google Apps services, you must require having the best utility to start share Lotus Notes emails, contacts and calendars immensely in bulk. Besides, pick the well known utility PCVITA Express Migrator for Google Apps to accomplish .

Try and Test the Free Trial: Download the free trial version of PCVITA Express Migrator for Google Apps for testing and evaluation purposes for 7 days full supports.

To share the entire Lotus Notes emails, contacts and calendars, you must require purchasing the full version while offer now at $99.00 only.

How to share Lotus Notes?: Though, there might be a numerous solution to accomplish the entire share of one’s communication platform to Google Apps services. To get started you need not be an expert, download the free installer of PCVITA Express Migrator for Google Apps to start share Lotus Notes emails, contacts and calendars to Google Apps cloud services. Less getting into the other solution, start picks PCVITA Express Migrator for Google Apps for the total processes of share Lotus Notes files immensely in bulk.
The installation steps are simple and shorts, it is recommended you must refer the documentation or cheat sheet as well. For further information, contact our technical experts or customer care over 24x7online assistance.

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How Software Works?

Why PCVITA Express Migrator the recommended?

  • » Shares single or multiple Lotus Notes file(s) to multiple Google Apps accounts

  • » Maintain the Meta Information of Lotus Notes mails, contacts and calendars

  • » Sustains the original Lotus Notes file from replication while duplication

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