How to Export Emails from Office 365 to Excel?

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Summary: The process to export emails from Office 365 to Excel can be a little tricky for some users. But do not worry because, in this write-up, you will learn about the easiest way to complete this task.

It is crucial for users to have a backup of their data as Microsoft doesn’t provide any facility to save the Office 365 files including contacts and calendars. Therefore, the users will not be able to access their files in case of corruption, unavailability of server, or absence of internet connection. Hence, it becomes extremely important to export contacts/calenders from Office 365 to Excel.

Why Export Contacts/Calendars from Office 365 to Excel?

  • To protect data from ransomware attacks
  • Low risk of missing an important appointment
  • Deletion of Office 365 data accidentally
  • Save attachments of emails

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How to Export Calendars/Contacts from Office 365 to Excel?

PCVITA provides a versatile and reliable tool to backup office 365 emails including contacts and calendars. This software utility exports the contacts/calendars from Office 365 to Excel in disastrous situations. The tool does not put any restrictions on the file size or the duration for which the files are stored.

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Noteworthy Features of Tool to Perform Office 365 Calendars/Contacts Export to Excel:

  • This software takes backup of the entire mailbox along with exporting contacts & calendars from Office 365 to Excel. The attachments of the emails are saved as well.
  • It saves the complete information of contacts such as Email ID, Contact Number, Home Address, Work Address, Place, etc.
  • Protects Business Appointments/Meetings by saving an offline copy of the meeting information such as start date, end date, subject, location, etc.
  • The software also provides a facility to save data in excel files in bulk without any data loss or data corruption.
  • Preserves the Folder Hierarchy of the emails. When the tool exports emails from Office 365 to excel, it maintains the hierarchy of the mails, contacts, calendars.
  • Provides Date Filtering option to export contacts/calenders from Office 365 to excel selectively. Users can apply date range and the emails within those given dates get saved.

Steps to Export Contacts/Calendars from Office 365 to Excel

1: First, launch the tool to export emails from Office 365 to Excel & Click on Login.


2: Then, enter Office 365 Email & Password to Authenticate.


3: After that, choose Office 365 Backup Option to Export Contacts & Calendars to Excel Format.


4: Next, choose Emails from Office 365 & Click on Next Button.


5: At last, select EML/PST File Format, Apply Advance Settings & Click Start

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this tool maintain the folder hierarchy?

Yes. When this software exports emails from Office 365 to excel, it preserves the folder hierarchy and exports the contacts, calendars, emails in the same sequence.

Is it possible to export only a selective number mails?

Yes, this application provides an option of date filtering. Using this feature, you can export emails within a specific date range from Office 365 to Excel.

Does this software maintain metadata of emails?

Yes, the metadata of the mails are well preserved during email export from Office 365 to excel.