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Google Apps Data Protection Methods – Is Your G Suite Data secure?

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Summary: This article contains the concerns for Google Apps data protection and what methods there are to protect the data. Find all the details and the facts that you should know in this guide.

In this technical era, G Suite plays an important role in the Business world. Most of the organizations make use of Google Apps data for the manage their official and personal data. The various services, security and the cloud based storage are the main factors that attract the business users to manage their data through the G Suite platform.

But is your data fully secure? Did you ever think of the same question? In this blog, we are going to see different Google Apps for business data protection methods that help you to provide more security to important data.

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Many users still not aware of the possible threats that affect the security of their data. So that before going to the Google App security methods we can just go through some of the major threats dangerous to your business data.

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Find the Google Apps Data Protection Concerns

Most of the G Suite users were working with their most sensitive data through the Google Apps platform. Even though most of them are not much aware of the security issues and the risk of using public clouds. Here we are going to list some of the major threats that can ruin your whole business.

Why Worry About Google Apps for Business Data Protection?

Here, you will find the major threats to G Suite mailbox data:

  • Phishing & Spoofing: It is the technique used by the attackers to steal your sensitive personal data such as credentials, credit card information, bank information, etc. In this method, attackers pretend to be someone you know and get access to your data through emails or other messaging methods.
  • Ransomware attack: It is a type of malware that prevents you from accessing your data until you pay ransom to the attackers. They will encrypt and scramble your data in an inaccessible format. This is really important reason why users want Google Apps data protection methods.
  • Unauthorized plug-ins/ third party tool: This is another method used by the attacker to get access to your important data. In which they will use the permissions that you have given to the unauthorized plug-ins and get access to your data without your permission.
  • Brute force attack: This is a password breaking method used by the attackers to get access to your G Suite account. If the organization have the same password for their all accounts. Then through the simple password cracking attacker access the entire data of the organization.
  • Hijacking of Data: This is an important concern for Google Apps for business data protection. It is a network security attack in which the attacker takes control of the network communication. In which the attacker takes control of the communication and pretends as one of them.
  • Human Error: Last but not the least in our list. This is the most commonly occurring error while working with the collaboration feature of Google Apps. It sounds simple but it may lead to disastrous consequences which is why it is important to know the solutions for Google Apps data protection.

These are a few major issues that can cause dangerous loss to your organization. After Going through the above section now most of you must have understood the importance of data protection. Now in the next section, we will see various methods to protects your G Suite mailbox data.

Google Apps for Business Data Protection Methods

In the Online world there are a lot of potential threats are exist to access your sensitive information. So while working with cloud service it is important to keep the Google Apps security concerns in your mind. Each and every technology having its own limitations so it’s our duty to secure our data. The most basic and important security measures are mentioned below. Which will help you to protect your organization data from the external threats & attacks.

1) Strong Password Protection for Google Apps Data Protection

The very basic step to follow while creating an account on Google is to create a strong password that a password cracker can’t break. Some of the points that you need to remember to create a strong password are:

  • Try to create a long password which will not contain your name or name any closely related people.
  • Use the combination of upper case and lower case letters.
  • Try to use the special characters in between the words.
  • Make sure no any other account of yours having the similar password.

2) Two-step Authentication for Google Apps for Business Data Protection

Nowadays most of the online accounts provide the two-step authentication for provide more security to your account. But this is an optional security option. The Google Apps also providing the two-step authentication security to your data while you are login to the account. For accessing this you need to enable the option. After that, while you try to login to your account a security code will receive in your connected mobile number. So even an attacker try to enter into your account they cant sign in to your account without providing this OTP code. In fact, this will help you to identify the unauthorized login attempt to your account.

3) OATH App Whitelisting

OATH app whitelisting is Google Apps data protection feature associated with all G Suite accounts. This feature helps you to block the unauthorized application or suites from accessing your account. Google Apps admin can select the trusted apps and add into the white list then those apps can only access your account.

4) Proper Employee Training

We already said that human error is the most common error that causes dangerous loss to your organization. To avoid the situation and protect business data the best proper guidance for the employees about how to protect their data from the loss and how to efficiently work in collaboration.

5) Create Local Backup for Google Apps for Business Data Protection

This is the most effective method to protect your G Suite data from data loss. Having a local backup of the organizational data will help you to maintain business continuity in the unexpected data loss situation.

For the secure backing up of the Google Apps data use PCVITA Google Workspace Backup Tool which will help you to save G Suite mailbox (emails, Contacts, Calendars, document) in PST file format. Also, the tool has the ability to backup single or multiple user accounts simultaneously which will help you to save your time and effort.

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This tool is by far the best method that a user can get for Google Apps data protection. The selective backup through various filter option allows the user to download only the important data. The tool offers various features like backup of business as well as educational mailbox. Also, there is no such limitation on the file size so the user can save any size of the file using the tool.

Final Words

In this online world, information about data security is a very valuable thing for users. In the above blog, we discuss various G Suite data security issues along with the Google Apps data protection methods. Which will help you to understand the importance of data security. Taking a backup of your data is a better and efficient option for users to protect their data from unexpected data loss and other external threats.