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How Do I Retrieve Gmail Emails Not Received Due To Storage Full Issue

Christopher Pete ~ Published: February 15, 2021 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

If you have searched for the query “How do I retrieve Gmail emails not received due to storage full issue”, then probably the first result you have got will be of Google Support.

Retrieve Gmail Emails Not Received Due To Storage Full Issue

And, the answer reflected there is also NO…

Unfortunately, if someone sends the email on your email id and it is bounced back, then there is no way to retrieve it.

Therefore, it’s better to be careful every time and always check for the storage space. The moment you receive the “Gmail Quota Exceeded” error message, then immediately empty your storage space to protect yourself from such an issue.

To receive the emails, you need to clear the space and then ask the concerned person to resend the mail. This becomes tedious and it becomes important to take a look at the Google storage details to sort things.

How to View the Available Gmail Storage Quota?

To view the Gmail storage, you need to go to your Google account. Here, you will find the storage details and so, you can free up space which is covering the major portion.

Technique to Resolve ‘Retrieve Gmail Emails Not Received Due To Storage Full’ Issue

The only way of resolving this issue is by deleting emails, and other items from the Gmail server to make some room for new incoming emails.

1. By deleting the unnecessary emails, files, and attachments.

The less important or unnecessary email files can be deleted by searching for ‘Larger:10m’, ‘Older_than:1y’ and ‘Has:attachment’ in the search box and then remove them.

Once the email files have been manually deleted then they need to be deleted from the Trash folder too. This would create some space and permanently fix the error of ‘Gmail Quota Exceeded’.

2. By Transferring Emails to Another Account

If all the email files are important then you can simply create a new Gmail account and then transfer few or all of the emails into it. However, the major issue of transfer is that it may take several hours or a week to complete the process.

3. By Using Google Takeout

Google Takeout is the feature provided by the Google itself. To access it, you just need to type the URL in the search bar as ‘’.

Google Takeout helps to select or deselect the options of data required. Then, you can select the frequency, file type & size and then proceed with export.

The drawback of such a method is that the export may take several hours or days to complete the process. Continuous and uninterrupted internet connectivity is required for the export process. There is a possibility of data loss in case of poor internet connectivity.

4. By Using Backup Utility

The best way to create free space is to take the backup first and then clear the space as per the specifications.

The Gmail Backup Tool is the best tool that takes the backup of Gmail emails, calendars, contacts, and Google drive. Also provides an option to delete emails from the server of a particular date or folder.

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Some of the prominent features of the automated tool are as follows:

1. It helps to take the backup of the emails along with the attachments.

2. The emails can be saved as PDF with attachments inside it.

3. ‘Delete After Download’ option clear the mails after keeping its backup.

4. ‘Select Folders filter’ provide the selection of the folders for taking the backup.

5. ‘Email filter’ is used to select the emails which are to be downloaded.

6. ‘Incremental Backup’ is the option to keep the backup from the last downloaded file.

7. The folder hierarchy is maintained and kept intact.

The best feature about the tool is that it helps to simultaneously take the backup and delete the same from the mailbox. This creates the space with the backup so that it can be referred to in the future. The other important feature of the tool is the filter data by means of folders and emails. Such features keep this tool stand apart from others.

Final Thoughts

In this blog, you have learned the best possible way to resolve the ‘How to Retrieve Gmail Emails Not Received Due To Storage Full’ Issue. Here, we have provided multiples ways to delete emails from the server to make some room for new emails.

In the manual solution, it has been observed that the deletion is a simple task. But the backup may take several hours or days to complete. However, the automated tool fixes this problem.