Google Drive to OneDrive For Business Migration

An All-in-One Solution to Move Google Drive Items like PDFs, Photos, Archive Files to SkyDrive.

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  • Export Google Drive files to OneDrive for business purposes
  • Software allows the user to move password protected files or documents
  • Retains the folder hierarchy during G Drive to OneDrive migration
  • Equips three different types of permissions, i.e., Read, Write & Comment
  • Facilitates to Stop / Resume the on-going migration process anytime
  • Set priority to certain user accounts to move their data first
  • Offers selective or range-based migration via Date filtering option
  • Delta and Concurrent Migration feature to move Google Drive folders to OneDrive
  • Generates a detailed summary report after the completion of the process
  • Compatible with all latest versions of Windows and Linux Operating System

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Exquisite Features Offered by the tool

This tool has a configuration option that provides the ability to fine-tune the migration performance parameters in two ways:

Delta Migration

With the delta migration feature, the software will only export new data from G Drive to OneDrive if the migration has already been done at least once. This eliminates duplicate migrations. Also, the same drive must be used to avoid a complete transfer of data again.

Concurrent Migration

It can export multiple user accounts in bulk mode and sets the maximum number of accounts that will be transferred in the project.

supported migration type

Eminent Features of Google Drive to OneDrive for Business Migration

Highlighted Functionalities Offered by the Migrator Tool

import google drive doc

Move Files from Google Drive to OneDrive

With this advance application, users can transfer G Drive data to OneDrive for Business. In fact, one can easily export all data items such as photos, archive files, PDFs, MP3, etc., in an absolute way. After that, in OneDrive account, users can save the moved files with the current date of import process.

priority migration

Priority Migration

This tool allows the users in performing the priority based migration. Using this feature, users can prioritize those selected users first. Also, users can move any number of accounts from the fetched source and destination accounts effortlessly.

folder structure

Options to Customize Migration Process

After adding all credentials of SkyDrive administrator, several filtering options are offered to move Google Drive documents to OneDrive:

  • Date Filter: This option allows the user to transfer only the required data that falls under the particular date range.


Pause, Resume & Stop Feature

As you start to move Google Drive files to OneDrive for business, this software will display the on-going status or process on the screen. In addition, it provides an impressive feature using by users can pause and resume the complete process during the procedure. This option will enable you to pause a migration process and resume it at any time during data conversion. Also, you can Stop the ongoing process any time.


Maintains SkyDrive Folder Hierarchy

This software has potential to retain the folder hierarchy during and after exporting Google Drive to OneDrive. It simply means the user will get transferred file in the original structure as it was before. This advance feature will help to access files after the migration process without any restriction.

user mapping options

User Mapping

Users can perform the mapping in 2 ways:

  • Fetch Users: Using this feature, users can fetch the users easily from the Source domain.
  • Import Users: Users can export users in the software panel through a CSV file.

Progress report

Re-Run Whole Migration

One can execute the whole migration process again by using the utility.

  • Failed Item: In this, you can move the failed items of the previously executed process.
  • Full Migration: Without duplication, this option exports the items which got skipped in the first run.
  • Delta Migration: In this, only the freshly arrived data gets transferred between the same Drives in the next migration.

Progress report

Get Progress Report of Export Process

After completing the process to move all Google Drive folders to OneDrive, the G Drive to OneDrive Migration tool generates the full report in CSV file format. This export report contains all essential details like SkyDrive or OneDrive id, status, duration, and document. This export report can be used for future purposes by end users if needed.

Google Drive to OneDrive Migration for Business Specifications

Download G Drive Files to OneDrive Demoware

Software Download for Windows

Size : 84.5 MB

Version : 5.5.1

Software Download for Linux

Size : 88.4 MB

Version : 5.5.0

Trial Limitations

Trial Edition of the software is free to use and export complete data (Email, Contacts, Calendar & Documents) for 2 users only.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
5 GB of free hard disk space

Minimum 8 GB of RAM is required

Minimum 2.2 GHz processor

Operating System

Windows Server 2012, 2016, Windows 10.




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Google Drive to OneDrive Business Migration Tool – FEATURE COMPARISON

Get an Overview of the Migrator Tool – Demo & Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Delta Migration
Priority Based Migration
Maintains Folder Hierarchy
Selective Migration Via Filters
Detailed Summary
Transfer G Drive Files to OneDrive Only 2 User Account
Cost FREE $25
(5 User)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I export files from Google Drive to OneDrive?

steps to migrate g drive to onedrive

Just follow the below-mentioned steps for transferring G Drive documents to OneDrive:

  • Step 1: Select “Source” as G Suite & “Destination” as Office 365 from Setup screen.
  • Step 2: Choose category and apply filters.
  • Step 3: Enter details for "G Suite as Source". Validate to grant permissions.
  • Step 4: Now, fill the details for the Destination source and grant permission
  • Step 5: Import / Fetch the users, and begin the process
Yes, the Google Drive Files to OneDrive Migrator tool offers an option to preserve folder hierarchy after performing the transfer process.
Yes, this application provides date filtering feature so that users can easily filter all the important documents according to the specific date range while exporting G Drive data to OneDrive.
Yes, the software has a feature to apply Date Filter to transfer G Drive documents to OneDrive within the specific date range.
Yes, the software provides pause or resume feature while exporting Google Drive data to OneDrive.


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