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How to Recall an Email in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007: Complete Guide

Mohit Jha - May 26, 2022 | 6 Minutes Reading

Just after hitting the Send button if you realize that it was a mistake and the email is not in

How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently? – Know How

Ashwani Tiwari - May 24, 2022 | 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: A Gmail account comes with several benefits. However, there might be some reasons why you’d wanna delete Gmail account

Configure Gmail to Outlook Express Using Simple Trick!

Mohit Jha - May 24, 2022 | 7 Minutes Reading

Tired of Google snooping around your emails or using Gmail for so long and finally decided to ditch Gmail for

Backup Computer to Google Drive to Secure Business Data

Mohit Jha - May 23, 2022 | 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: This blog lists some easy DIY methods to backup computer to Google Drive. We covered a free manual technique

How to Reset SQL User Password Using Ingenious Ways

Ashwani Tiwari - May 21, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading

Hey, I am using Microsoft SQL Server 2016. But, last night, when I was entering my password, it shows error