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How to Transfer All Emails from Hotmail to Yahoo? Simple Way

Lindsey Smith ~ Published: 06-Jan-2022 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Short Summary: If you also want to know how to transfer all emails from Hotmail to Yahoo, this blog is the answer for all your queries. We are explaining a simple solution that you can understand with no complications & apply being stress-free on your Mac OS. Also, learn why there is a need for the transfer. Moving on!

About Hotmail: Hotmail, now, was launched in 1996 and has become one of the most popular email services providers in the present day. It provides various features & functions to its users but the storage space is limited to 5GB only.

But, why do people want to start sending Hotmail to Yahoo?

Let’s learn why.

About Yahoo: Yahoo, since 1997, has always been side to side with its competitors and has maintained the value of being amongst the famously used email services. Along with providing protection to the data & various features, Yahoo also offers a free storage space of 1TB.

Most of the users prefer switching to Yahoo because of the free storage space since 5GB is usually filled quickly.

Taking a stroll towards the methods to transfer the emails.

How to Transfer All Emails from Hotmail to Yahoo Easily?

There is a manual method provided by Yahoo where you can directly transfer the emails by adding your required mailbox.

You may find a few difficulties while performing the operation which is why we have a quick solution that can help you execute the procedure with no trouble.

Quick steps of the Smartly Built IMAP Backup Tool:

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Step 1 – Run the tool on Mac OS & select your domain.

Step 2 – Choose the file format & apply filters.

Step 3 – Pick the destination location.

Step 4 – Tap on the Start Backup button.

Sending Hotmail to Yahoo Using the Manual Method

Following are the steps:

1. Login to your Yahoo Mail account. Go to the Settings gear & choose More Settings option.


2. Move to the mailboxes & select the Add Mailbox option.


3. Choose from the menu that appears.


4. Provide the email address to export the data from & hit Next.


5. Enter the password for your email account & hit Yes to start syncing.


The process will start and mailboxes will start exporting.

After performing this operation, you will find a few limitations to learn how to transfer all emails from Hotmail to Yahoo manually.

Demerits of Using the Direct Solution Via Yahoo

Despite the fact that this method is straightforward & direct, there are certain drawbacks to it:

  • You cannot filter your emails as per requirement.
  • The transfer may take up to 2 days to complete.
  • There is no option to choose the folders or mailboxes that you want to export.
  • Becomes a long procedure due to the time taken to complete the transfer.

If you want to overcome the disadvantages of the manual method, you should use the software as explained in the next section.

How to Transfer All Emails from Hotmail to Yahoo Using a Smart Approach?

Go through these steps to export the data:

1. Install the tool & run on your Mac OS machine. Choose Yahoo as your Source domain & enter the login details for your account. Enter the IMAP Server & Port No. to login.


2. Select the Export Type as desired, these steps are for TXT Click on the Advance Settings option to use the filters.


3. Select the Naming Convention pattern to rename your emails. Set the Date-filter for a selective data transfer from a specific time-period.


4. Transfer Hotmail to Yahoo & remove the emails from the mailbox by marking the Delete after Download Here, you can also choose the destination location in the Change field.


5. Press the Start Backup button & the process will start.


After the process completes, you can access the files & easily import them in your Yahoo mail account.

If you ever want to export the emails again in future, you can mark the Incremental Backup option. With the help of this feature, the tool picks up only the new data & avoids creating duplicates.

Reasons for the Transfer

The major reasons to learn how to transfer all emails from Hotmail to Yahoo consist of the following:

  • Major reason as stated above is the storage space issue that Hotmail has i.e. limitation of 5GB only.
  • If you shift to another organization & the company uses Yahoo as their email service provider.
  • When the company you work in shifts from Hotmail after meeting the purpose.
  • If you want to keep your personal & professional data separately.

Towards the End

Both Hotmail & Yahoo are among the popularly known email service providers and are used widely around the globe. However, the major issue comes when the storage space in Hotmail is filled quickly.

That’s when most of the users start searching for how to transfer all emails from Hotmail to Yahoo. The methods are simple but you can perform a quick transfer & in bulk only by using the software.