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Know How to Organize Pages in PDF Document- Complete Guide

Sherry James ~ Modified: 30-May-2022 ~ 6 Minutes Reading

“Please help! Recently I have installed Acrobat DC on my Windows laptop. As I have started exploring the features in this version, I am not much familiar to organize pages in PDF file. After which, I have read a few articles and tutorials regarding the same, but I am bit confused. Could someone help me to resolve this query? Thanks in advance!”

Just like the above scenario, there are similar such users who are not aware and wants to organize pages in Adobe Acrobat. Are you met with such similar instance and also don’t know how to explore the same? If yes, then read on and follow this write-up to learn the various features and options to perform this task.

How Adobe Acrobat Organize Pages in PDF Document

  • Firstly, login to Adobe Document Cloud with your credentials at
  • Under Quick Start division, click on Organize Pages option and select the desired PDF file and hit the Continue button

organize pages

  • Once the PDF file is loaded, a user can perform different actions on the pages like dragging the pages to rearrange, rotate-page clockwise or anti-clockwise, delete page and many more


  • A user is also allowed to give a name or rename to the PDF file and click the Organize button
  • Now, the user has successfully organize pages in PDF document, the file is ready for download.
  • To save the organized PDF file on your system, click the Download option that is available on the extreme right side

Note: To carry out the above steps it is needed to have the full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Some Other Means to Manage or Organize Pages in PDF Files

In the above section, we have seen the simple method to organize pages in Adobe Acrobat pro-DC. But, there are some other ways also by which PDF pages can be organized and easily managed. Some of them are given below:

1. Watermarking PDF Documents

A watermark is an image or a text that appears behind the existing PDF file. For example It appears as a stamp like Confidential in case of crucial or sensitive files. Now, to add watermark to multiple pdf files, follow the simple procedure listed below:

  • Go to Tools>> Edit PDF>> Watermark>> Add to manage pages in PDF document
  • Now, click Add Files and select the required PDF file to add watermark and click OK
  • Now, to create a text watermark. Select text and enter the text in the given field and click OK
  • By this, a user is allowed to smoothly add watermark to the PDF file

Tip: In case, if you want to add text or image as a watermark to multiple PDF files, then the above manual process is not at all a feasible approach. Under such circumstance, simply opt an automated tool i.e., PDF Watermark. It is a free utility that allows to add watermark without Adobe Acrobat. It also allows users to customize the watermark on the basis of its color, size, and placement.

2. Add Security Settings to PDF Document

Well, setting a password to a PDF document ensures additional security, which restricts others from opening or making modifications to the PDF file. Now, there are two passwords i.e., Document open password(User-level), which requires the user to enter the password in order to open the PDF file and other one is Permissions password(Owner-level), where the owner has applied some restrictions to print, copy, edit, etc operations that prevent others from modifying the PDF file.

For users who need to add a password to PDF file, go through the below-listed steps to organize pages in Adobe Acrobat PDF.

  • After opening the PDF file, go to Tools>> Protect>> Encrypt >> Encrypt with Password
  • Now, you may receive a prompt, click Yes to change the security
  • Then, select Require A Password To Open The Document and enter the password to protect the file
  • Choose the Acrobat version from the given Compatibility drop-down list menu to organize pages in PDF


  • After that, select the encryption options like Encrypt All Document Contents, Encrypt Only File Attachments, etc and click OK

In the case of restricting the PDF file from editing, following is the procedure to do the same,

  • Open the PDF file and select Tools>> Protect>> Restrict Editing options to organize pages in Adobe Acrobat
  • Here, you’ll receive a prompt. Click Yes to add the security
  • Then, enter the password in the given field to restrict editing and click OK

Tip: What if you want to remove permission password from PDF file? Now, you can remove both user-level and owner-level security from PDF file, just download this user-friendly tool. It is a standalone utility integrated with advanced features that work efficiently to remove restrictions like print, copy, edit. Extract text, etc.

download purchase

3. Adding Custom Page Numbers

Another approach to organize pages in PDF document is to add sequential numbering to PDF. Adobe Acrobat allows users to add header and footer to the PDF document. This can be a date, bates number for legal files, etc.

  • Go to Tools>> Edit PDF>> Header & Footer>> Add to add the PDF file
  • As required, specify the Font and Margin values under Add Header And Footer wizard
  • Then, type the text in the desired header and footer text boxes.
  • To specify pages, click Page Range Options and specify the page range and select Subset option
  • Now, review the page under Preview page option

Tip: Another dynamic tool that is capable to stamp page number on multiple PDF files at once using PDF Bates Numbering software. It also helps to remove encryption from the PDF file to seamlessly add custom page number to the document. It is one of the perfect solutions to manage pages in PDF document.

Let’s Sum Up

When there is a need to organize pages in PDF document, then make the best use of this article. As here, we have discussed the best techniques that allow users to effectively work on PDF file by applying various features. Additionally, we have also added instant tips using the top-notch software that enables a smooth approach to manage pages in PDF files.